REVIEW: Glowy And Soft Skin For Days

With work and busy schedules, we often tend to put self care on the back burner.

From commuting, sweating and being exposed to pollution on a daily basis, these issues can take a toll on our faces and bodies.

To help make taking care of ourselves a priority, Frame by Sarah Battikha, does all the hard work to create a long term plan to follow and make it an easier process.

The dermatology clinic, located at Villa G2 U5 on 349 Al Wasl Road, puts the wellness of the patient at the forefront, making it a simple process for them to get great treatments, feel their best as well as have their skin taken care of.

Licenced by Dubai Health Authority, the clinic incorporates state of the art technology as well as procedures that are scientifically proven, to achieve the best results.

The clinic starts by offering patients with a Skin Analysis, where the face is assessed to find the problem areas and effectively target them.

The assessment includes the skin being looked at through a two way mirror, with both discussing the problem areas, and a specialised skincare routine, for the morning and night created.

As 70% of upkeep for facials is through home care, the step by step guide offers perfect mixes, created to get the best results, even weeks after getting the facial.

Each treatment is catered towards individual skin concerns, and the products use may vary to suit your skin type and concerns better.

The Clear and Glow facial is an extremely relaxing one, with soothing music playing in the background to help feel grounded while getting the much needed self care done.

The facial includes LED therapy, removal of blackheads and extra sebum causing clogged pores, and incorporating collagen to boost hydration in the skin. 

On completing the facial, the skin ends up looking extremely hydrated, glowy and soft.

From targeting acne, removing blackheads, and helping restore dehydrated skin, the clinic is a great way to feel more confident in your own skin.

Prices can start at Dhs 250.

The centre is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and is closed on Sunday.

Call 04-3558959

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