REVIEW: Balinese Massage At Soul Wellness And Spa


If you are looking to step into a land of relaxation and tranquillity, then Soul Wellness and Spa is the place to visit. 

Located at Sheraton Grand Hotel, the spa has a calming ambience as soon as you enter that immediately helps in de-stressing.

The treatment room has a modern and elegant look to it, with a dedicated shower situated within the room.

Before the massage, guests can choose the amount of pressure based on their preference as well as the areas to focus on during the massage.

The experience starts with feet washing and with soothing music in the background and ambient lights.

The massage targets muscle soreness, improves blood circulation and also stimulates deep tissues and once completed, will make you feel like a new person and definitely help take your stress away.

The full body massage starts with the neck followed by the back, legs and arms. Body oil is used and with moderate pressure, all the tension in the body is removed.

The masseuse targets the right pressure points, which instantly soothes the body and gives relief.

After the massage, enjoy sitting in the Relaxation Room and taking in the view while sipping on a delicious tea and snacking on nuts.

Soul Wellness and Spa also offers guests a sauna, which is great to detoxify and manage stress as well as a jacuzzi to relax in that will leave you feeling zen.

The massage is available for one hour or two hours, with prices starting from Dhs 450.

For more information, visit the Soul Wellness and Spa website.

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