Fat Transfer - What It Is And How It Is Done


Fat transfer has over time become one of the most popular trends in beauty.

The cosmetic procedure is done when fat from one part of the body is removed and placed in another part, to create a more enhanced and defined look.

Also known as lipo-modelling or fat graft, the procedure can be tricky and complex and should be undertaken after careful consideration and consultation.

While looking to do the procedure, it is key to ensure that you have done your research and are sure of the decision.

Looking for a doctor to do the procedure is the next important step as you need someone that will help explain the entire process, as well as the statistics, in order to make an informed decision.

According to experts, the fat transfer procedure is done in three steps under anaesthesia:

The first step involves the removal of the fat by making thin cuts. A tube is then inserted to collect the fat and the cuts are closed later with stitches.

The fat collected is then separated from the blood or fluid that might have also been collected.

Finally, the fat is then injected back into the area that is being enhanced.

More sessions will be required if a large area is being targeted.

Fat transfer has become a common procedure and can help a person achieve the look they desire to have and can also boost a person's self-confidence.

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