Teeth Straightening And Its Benefits

Teeth straightening over the years has become a common concept and is done in an effort to align a person's teeth in a uniform manner.

Although teeth straightening is not a process everyone needs to undergo, having an aligned smile is desired by many and is one of the main reasons behind its popularity.

Lidia Bratu, Manager at ConfiDent Palm Dentist mentioned that orthodontic procedures can also help in solving mouth issues through teeth alignment and correction of a person's bite.

The procedure is recommended when there is:

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Missing teeth, extra teeth and tooth spacing
  • Irregular bites are also known as malocclusions and can eventually cause tooth decay, chewing and speaking issues as well as worn enamel

Teeth alignment does not have a specific age as to when it has to take place. 

Children are recommended to visit an orthodontist once they turn seven years old. As their teeth and jaw are still developing, the visit can help solve some underlying issues with other issues treated after permanent teeth come out.

Adults can start their process at any age.

Over the recent years, the most common methods of teeth alignment are braces and invisible aligners. 

Braces have been the go-to method for years but invisible aligners are now gaining traction, due to the fact that they cannot be seen when wearing them.

The duration braces or invisible aligners need to be worn depending from person to person.

As mentioned by Lidia Bratu of ConfiDent Palm Dentist, teeth alignment is an investment and a time-consuming project. 

After the procedure is complete, aftercare of teeth is key and to ensure teeth stay in the same position, dental retainers are recommended. 

If wearing a broken retainer or not wearing a retainer at all, teeth can revert back to the they were.

Getting teeth aligned is a procedure that needs to be discussed with a dentist and an orthodontist to find out the best solution for each individuals teeth.

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