“A Pandemic Doesn’t Mean Business Stops!”: Lisa Lazarus, Cofounder Of Hi Maintenance

Lisa Lazarus

A lot changed for businesses over the course of a few months but one Dubai-based entrepreneur was determined not to let a pandemic get in the way of her new venture. 

Lisa Lazarus, cofounder of UAE’s newest online fashion boutique, Hi Maintenance, made the decision to launch her business in June 2020, and simply never looked back. 

In this special tête-à-tête, we get to know the former beauty queen’s personal style, her favourite local designer and how she manages an online business during a raging pandemic. 

What is the one fashion style you can never get tired of?

Classic–it’s a style that lasts for several seasons or sometimes years. Classics are those styles that you don’t even have to think about, you just know they will be accepted one year after the next.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I am very feminine with my style and I like to wear pretty dresses, skirts and tops that flatter my curves. I wear a lot of bright colours to boost my confidence. I love to invest in classic pieces such as a simple black dress, a leather jacket, a fitted suit and of course a Chanel purse (or two!).

Do you think it’s more important to follow trends or to create new ones?

I think it’s important to take inspiration from a new trend and make it your own. I love the boyfriend-fit blazer currently in fashion, but it doesn’t do much for my shape, so I pair it with a cute dress and a delicate belt to pinch in my waist.

How difficult is it to manage an online business during a pandemic?

A pandemic doesn’t mean business stops! It motivated us even more to successfully launch our business! We consider ourselves lucky that we had been working on Hi Maintenance for 2 years and were finally ready to launch in June. 

We went ahead and launched during the pandemic because–in addition to building a concept and business with a long-term strategy–we knew that during this time, many people are working from home and don’t go out as often, and are therefore online more! Online shopping is the future, rather than going to the mall, so we took the opportunity to launch! We want to be leaders in shaping the ‘new normal’!

Describe Hi Maintenance in three words.

Elegant, Feminine and Glamorous.

How would you want women to feel while wearing a dress from Hi Maintenance?

The Hi Maintenance lady is confident, sophisticated, charming and elegant. Working, jet-setting, socialising...women’s lives are more fast-paced than ever before and Hi Maintenance recognises the need for ageless fashion and affordable luxury for everyone.

Which is your favourite collection?

Our Jewellery Collection is my favourite. The kiss and crown from the Hi Maintenance logo have been carefully crafted into delicate earrings and bracelets, made from solid, 18k rose gold. And it’s made and designed in the UAE!

Who is your favourite local designer?

My favourite local designer is Mrs Keepa, I love watching her fashion show every year as her designs are so unique! The collection’s avant-garde style and vintage inspiration is timeless. Mrs Keepa’s pieces exaggerate silhouettes and boast femininity.

You can check out Lisa's online boutique, Hi Maintenance right here: www.himaintenance.ae 

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