WATCH: Jetman Dubai Is Back With More Adrenaline-Fuelled Stunts

As the wind beneath the wings of the first man in history to independently fly using a jet-engine powered carbon fibre wing, Jetman Dubai will be releasing a new documentary. And we’ve got a sneak peek of what’s to come.

The Jetman Story teaser, shows pilots Yves Rossy, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen launching from a mountain top in Hellesylt, Norway. The trio can also be seen performing a number of exciting stunts through the air.

“Jetman is the true embodiment of the XDubai ethos, defy your limits,” said Mohammed Javad, General Manager of XDubai. “We have been working closely with Jetman Dubai to not only collaborate in documenting the Jetman story, but also to work towards realising the impossible as showcased in this spectacular teaser. The success of Jetman Dubai taking off from the ground is just the beginning of what is next.”

Jetman Dubai pilots Reffret and Fugen also secured a Guiness World Record for their base jump from Burj Khalifa in 2014.

“Joining the Jetman Dubai team has been an absolute dream and its hard to put into words the experience of what was accomplished in Norway,” said Jetman pilot Fred Fugen. “We’re excited for what this means for Jetman Dubai and we’re excited to share what’s next when the time is right.”


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