Deliveroo Does First-Of-Its-Kind Abra Food Delivery In Dubai


While Dubai is famous for its towering skyscrapers and impressive skyline, it's also renowned for its traditional abra rides. These iconic boats were once the primary mode of transport, carrying people and goods across Dubai Creek for generations. To celebrate the legacy of these Dubai abras, Deliveroo, a renowned delivery service established in 2013, took a nostalgic journey back in time. They paid tribute to Dubai's rich heritage with a special one-time abra delivery service at the historic Dubai Creek.

This extraordinary achievement not only honours the cultural heritage of the city but also underscores Deliveroo's dedication to promoting local connections and enriching community experiences. By revolutionising the way people shop and dine, Deliveroo continues to bridge gaps between communities.

In a landmark moment, Deliveroo seamlessly incorporated its brand into the 30-year-old abra, blending aspects of its storied past with contemporary innovation. This distinctive makeover was orchestrated for a single event along the historic waterway, traversing between Deira Old Souk and Bur Dubai. 

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