Unstable Weather Conditions To Continue Across UAE Until Wednesday


After the Eid holidays, UAE residents return to work amidst unpredictable weather conditions. The National Centre of Meteorology warns of fluctuating weather patterns until Wednesday, 17 April. On Monday, 15 April, the UAE will experience unstable weather with varying intensities of rainfall in some areas. Winds will be moderate to fresh, occasionally strong, with instances of sand and dust reducing visibility.

As Monday progresses into Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, convective cloud formation will lead to variable-intensity rainfall accompanied by lightning, thunder, and the potential for hail in certain areas. These conditions could cause flooding and strong winds, affecting road visibility. 

What Will The Weather Look Like For The Next 2 Days 

On Tuesday, 16 April, the unstable weather will continue, bringing scattered rainfall and a significant drop in temperatures. Winds will be moderate to fresh, occasionally becoming strong, particularly during cloud activity. This may cause blowing dust and sand, reducing visibility, with speeds ranging from 25kph to 35kph, reaching up to 65kph. 

On Wednesday, 17 April, the weather will be partly cloudy overall, but some Northern and Eastern areas may experience cloudy conditions with rainfall. It will be humid during the night and into Thursday morning in certain internal and coastal areas. 


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