Dubai-Based Company, Aviterra Signs Deal To Launch World's First Flying Car


Dubai residents, prepare to soar above Dubai's bustling streets and leave traffic behind as flying cars are set to revolutionise transportation in the city. Aviterra, a Dubai-based company, has signed a deal with PAL-V Liberty, a Dutch company, to introduce the Liberty flying car to the Middle East and Africa. Aviterra's investment involves acquiring more than 100 PAL-V Liberty flying cars, solidifying a strategic partnership for the region.

Aviterra, run and backed by one of the founders of Jetex, a global leader in executive aviation, sees PAL-V’s appeal in its last-mile solution and regional air mobility offerings. Mouhanad Wadaa, Managing Director of Aviterra, explains, "The PAL-V is the perfect tool for our customers’ regional travel requirements, offering a combination of flying and driving. It’s truly an innovation that will change mobility as we know it."

Key Features Of The Flying Car

The PAL-V Liberty flying car stands out as the world's first true flying car, blending the features of an aeroplane and a helicopter, thanks to its gyroplane design. This innovative vehicle offers a solution to bypass congested roads and boost travel flexibility, with a flight range spanning 500km and reaching a top airspeed of 180km/h. With these capabilities, the PAL-V Liberty flying car significantly reduces commute durations and travel constraints.

In drive mode, the two-seater car will store its propellers (a tool that lifts an aeroplane forward) and rear flaps on the roof and back, achieving speeds of up to 100km/h in under nine seconds.  

The PAL-V Liberty flying car can reach heights of up to 11,000 feet and needs a runway or airstrip that is at least 200 metres long for both takeoff and landing.

PAL-V's CEO and Founder, Robert Dingemanse, welcomes the partnership, stating, "Aviterra and Mr. Wadaa have vast experience in aviation, understand our certification process, and have an excellent reputation in the business aviation industry. They are a strong partner to support our sales and marketing activities in the Middle East and Africa, which is headed by our VP Middle East, Khalil Malaeb. PAL-V is setting up regional offices around the world to grow its flying car business. These regional offices will be hubs for PAL-V’s sales, maintenance, flight training, and assembly locations."

Aviterra will exclusively represent the PAL-V Liberty flying cars in the Middle East and Africa, but no specific timeline was mentioned for when deliveries will start in the region. Stay tuned for all the upcoming updates. 

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