Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Welcomes 570,113 Visitors During First Half Of Ramadan


During the first half of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi welcomed a total of 570,113 visitors. This figure included 164,704 attendees for prayers, 194,978 guests, and 210,431 individuals joining Iftar gatherings. Additionally, 102,419 worshippers participated in the Isha and Taraweeh prayers at the mosque.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Prepares For The Remaining Days Of Ramadan 

- To accommodate the increased number of devotees during the remaining days of Ramadan, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has doubled its staff to efficiently handle the higher volume of calls and enquiries.

- 70 electric vehicles are available to assist devotees in moving from parking areas to the prayer halls, prioritising the elderly and those with special needs.

- The mosque is equipped with 50 wheelchairs and 3,515 seats for worshippers' comfort.

- Ambulances and a civil defence team are on standby at the mosque, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority.

- The centre has arranged 8,379 parking spaces for devotees, including spots for women and individuals with disabilities.

Timings For Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque During The Last 10 Days Of Ramadan

During the last 10-days of Ramadan, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque will be open for visitors from 10am to 6pm and 9.30pm to 1am from Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, the mosque will be open from 3pm to 6pm and 9.30pm to 1am. The last admission for the first part of the day is at 5.30pm, and for the second part at night, it is at 12.30am.

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