Emirates To Repurpose Plastic Items Used Onboard


Emirates has launched a new closed-loop initiative, where plastic items used onboard will be recycled and repurposed.

In line with World Environment Day held on 5 June, the initiative will recycle plastic trays, bowls and dishes used by passengers in Economy and Premium Economy class.

The items will be collected after the flight, washed, checked for damage and then sent to a facility in Dubai, where they will be repurposed into making new dishes, bowls and trays.

The repurposed items will then be used by Emirates Flight Catering to serve meals onboard.

Through the initiative, items that are usually disposed of will now be repurposed, with 25% of the new items consisting of reused materials.

Emirates constantly aims to reduce the use of plastic aboard the aircraft and has removed over 150 million single-use plastic items ending up in landfills every year, by replacing them with paper and wood alternatives.

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