Meet The Teacher: Ashley Fitzgibbons

Teachers shape minds, impart knowledge, ignite curiosity, cultivate skills and inspire lifelong learning. Their impact extends beyond the classroom, fostering character, empathy, critical thinking, resilience, and a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime, and forming the foundation for a brighter future.

Ashley Fitzgibbons, originally from Ireland, is Maths teacher, Business teacher and Head of Boarding at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai.

A teacher with 13 years experience, seven of those in the UAE and six at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, Ashley Fitzgibbons, has a passion for pastoral care and ensuring that all students are supported throughout their learning journey.

Ashley Fitzgibbons shares with Connector what led her into the field of teaching, and what it is about teaching the she loves.

What inspired you to start teaching?

My dad has been in education all his career, and I loved watching him as I was growing up. I saw how rewarding he found his job and how passionate he was about it. He encouraged me to do my PGCE after completing my degree. 

How did you decide to teach your current subject?

I studied a Bachelors Degree of Commerce at the University of Cork, as I always had a passion for business from a young age. I also discovered a later love of maths, and returned back to university to study Maths at the University of Limerick. I was fascinated by understanding what is happening in maths theory, and so hence I ended up as a Maths and Business teacher.   

Why do you love teaching?

Because I am part of the success story of our students. I love hearing about their future dreams, plans and seeing them reach their potential. I enjoy being part of their journey and my favourite part is when they come back to school to see me after they have graduated - am so proud of them. 

Do you remember your favourite teacher from school?

Yes, Mr Styles - he was my Business teacher in Grade 5 and 6 - he inspired my love of Business and Commerce. 

How do you make everyday classes more interesting?

Definitely by relating them to the real world. As an IB school, we encourage debate, open discussions and so we can talk a lot about topical events, latest business news, and real life maths examples. Also, so may students now are aspiring for a business related career, the subject is increasing in interest and take up across the school, so it's a fun and dynamic part of the curriculum. 

What is a unique part of the school?

The bilingual pathways we offer, and of course Boarding, which I am Head of. I love the fact that we are surrogate parents and the academic and pastoral support team for teenagers - they really thrive here, and that is amazingly satisfying.  

What would you do if you were not a teacher?

Operations Manager in a Business environment. I love logistics and organising things.

Ashley Fitzgibbons

Maths teacher, Business teacher and Head of Boarding 

Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai

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