Your Guide To Obtaining Driving Licence In Dubai


Dubai boasts one of the best public transportation systems alongside smooth, spacious roads, perfect for driving enthusiasts. While knowing how to drive is beneficial for exploring Dubai and its surroundings, acquiring a driving licence is essential and involves a thorough process. If you're considering obtaining a driving permit in Dubai, let Connector assist you with a comprehensive guide on how to obtain a driving licence in the Emirate.

Driving Licence In Dubai - Who Is Eligible?

Dubai residents can apply for a driving licence in Dubai. To apply for the licence, the resident must meet specific criteria, including being at least 18 years old, medically fit, and enroled in an approved training program. 

Besides this, passing theoretical and practical tests is mandatory, with those seeking commercial permits also required to undergo a driver's medical test. The application is submitted to Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and is facilitated by authorised driving schools in Dubai. 

Lastly, for special-needs applicants, regardless of mental or physical disability, training requirements are tailored to their medical recommendations. A training file is opened based on the medical report's disability type, with the driving institute coordinating a set number of training sessions with the Drivers Affairs Department.

Can You Use Your Home Country's Driving Licence?

Some nationalities can swap their foreign licence for a UAE one, simplifying the process. If your country is listed on the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior, you can obtain a Dubai driver’s licence without needing to undergo a test. 

Steps To Keep In Mind While Applying For A Driving Licence In Dubai 

If you're a resident of Dubai eligible for a driving licence, here's what you need to do to apply for one.

- You Need To Get A Fitness And Optical Test: To get a licence, you must pass both fitness and optical tests. These tests, ensure your physical, optical, and mental health for safe driving. A medical report from an authorised doctor or medical body is necessary, detailing your health status. Vision aids like glasses or contact lenses are allowed if needed. The optical test is done by authorised centres, sending results electronically. For commercial permits, a specialised medical test according to Federal Law is required.

You Need To Pass Theoretical Test: Before taking the practical test, passing the theoretical test is a must. This test evaluates your knowledge of traffic laws, understanding of driving risks, and awareness of safety procedures. 

- You Need To Pass Yard Test: To get your driving licence, passing the yard test is essential. This test is overseen by the RTA and comes before the practical road test. It includes five stages: parallel parking, side parking, garage parking, hill driving, and sudden braking.

- On-Road Driving Test: Once you clear the theoretical test, you'll undergo a practical assessment based on the approved testing plan, and that is your final step. In case you fail the practical test, you will have to undergo additional training sessions according to the approved policy of the licencing agency.

Documents Needed For Dubai Driving Licence 

Citizens only need to submit a valid Emirates ID to apply for a driving licence. However, for residents, these are the documents you need to submit. 

  • Copy and original Emirates ID 
  • Copy of passport and residence visa page
  • Two photographs
  • Eye test report
  • No objection letter from the sponsor (if asked by the related traffic department)

Driving Institutes Suggested By RTA

  • Emirates Driving Institute
  • Belhasa Driving Centre
  • AL Ahli Driving Centre
  • Dubai Driving Centre 
  • Galdari Motor Driving Centre 
  • Drive Dubai 

Fees For Driving Licence In Dubai 

The cost of a Dubai driving licence ranges from Dhs 4,500 to Dhs 7,000 if you pass the final road test on your first try. The total expense also depends on your selected driving school. Failing the test means you'll need seven more practical training sessions before retrying, potentially increasing the charges.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Driving Licence In Dubai? 

Upon completion of your Dubai driving licence test, you'll receive your results instantly. If you fail, you'll need to take seven more classes before scheduling a new test. If you pass, the examiner will approve your paperwork, which you submit at the pass counter. Provide your documents and pay the fee, and you'll receive your driving licence.

Ways To Check Your Driving Licence Status Online 

To check the status of your Dubai driving licence, visit the RTA website, and provide your Emirates ID or driving licence number, along with your birthdate or mobile number for verification. Once your identity is confirmed, you can view details such as validity and any associated fines.

Renewal Of Driving Licence 

  • Driving licences are renewable for 10 years for UAE and GCC citizens, and 5 years for residents.
  • Renewal can usually be done online in most emirates.
  • Settlement of all traffic fines is necessary for renewal.
  • A fine of Dhs 10 per month is imposed for delays exceeding one month in renewal.

Documents Needed For Renewal Include

  • Original valid Emirates ID.
  • Eye test according to category.
  • Medical fitness test for driver profession.
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