Day In The Life: Reema Aidasani

Alternative medicine has risen in popularity in recent years, as a substitute for modern medicine, by using holistic methods to heal the person from the inside out. 

Reema Aidasani, Energy Healing Therapist and Wellbeing Professional at Miracles Wellness Center, found her calling while seeking healing for herself.

Wanting to make a difference in the lives of others, Reema Aidasani has spent five years in the field helping people, and curing them of their illnesses through alternative medicine. 

Reema Aidasani uses energy healing to help people become their best versions and live to their full potential, by breaking free from patterns holding them back, increasing confidence and gaining clarity on growth. 

Energy healing is done through various techniques that unlock the emotions and beliefs from the subconscious mind that prevent a person from their growth, and changes their journey from their thoughts, emotions and actions.

In conversation with Connector, Reema Aidasani shares her journey in the wellness industry as well as her future goals in her career.

How does the day begin before heading into work?

I always meditate first thing in the morning. It helps me to centre myself and begin my day in a calm state of mind.

What was the most difficult case you have had to treat? 

A few interesting ones come to mind. The main challenges my clients face in terms of mental health are severe anxiety and depression, however, I have also worked to help alleviate physical pains. I had a client with severe stomach problems, and she had been suffering from it for years. Together we resolved the pain in just a few sessions. It was challenging and also very rewarding, as I got to see her step out of pain and into her best self. 

What motivates you to keep coming back to work? 

My biggest motivators are the transformations and growth I see in the clients. However, there is also always something new to learn from each individual case, and that allows for my own growth and transformation as a healer. I also feel a wonderful team motivates and inspires you. At Miracles Wellness, I am surrounded by wonderful people who constantly support and encourage each other in every capacity, and I think that is a wonderful gift to have, as you spend most of your day at work.  

How did you find your niche in the wellness field?

When I started my journey, my only goal was to help myself, I never imagined that I would eventually wind up making a living out of it. After a while, I realised how much I enjoyed it, and I wanted to inspire people to help themselves. My previous work connected me to a lot of amazing people in the wellness space and that allowed me to deep dive into energy healing and alternate therapy. All of it showed me how you do not have to live with limitations, and that you always have a choice to change, and that truly excited me. As I took the leap of faith, things, people and situations started unfolding with total ease. 

After a busy work day, what do you like to do to unwind?

I love going for a walk, even if it is just a quick 15-minute stroll. I feel it helps me clear my mind and refuel, and gives me time with myself after being with people all day. I also love to read and watch something light on TV. 

What are some of your dreams and aspirations with your career?

I wish to remove the stigma around energy healing and alternate therapy. I feel people should be as comfortable visiting an energy healer or wellness professional as they would visiting a doctor. I aspire to reach as many people as possible, encouraging them to tap into their own infinite potential. We see miracles happen every day and I wish more people were open to witnessing that.

Reema Aidasani

Energy Healing Therapist and Wellbeing Professional

Miracles Wellness Center


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