Win With Taste of Dubai

This season, we are giving away 50 pairs of tickets to 50 lucky winners (1 pair each).

Win With Taste of Dubai

Taste of Dubai the city's favourite food, drink and music festival is back at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre from 7-9 March 2019 and celebrates its 12th year. Don't miss out on the chance to meet world–class celebrity chefs! Dubai's hottest restaurants bring their best dishes at incredibly affordable prices, starting at just Dhs 15. For the first time ever, learn from masterclasses at The Big Baking Tent, and enjoy live entertainment with a headline concert on Thursday night! It’s 3 days of fun for the whole family and kids under 12 go free. Get your tickets now!

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What kind of festival is Taste of Dubai?

Answer: Food, drink and music festival

  1. Judith Leonor
  2. Siobhan Doyle
  3. Laoise Molloy
  4. Maria Kurain
  5. Susan Syrek
  6. Amanda Egglestone
  7. Lynsey Turner
  8. Natasha Fackerell
  9. Roslynne Bourguignon
  10. Emily Christensen
  11. Andrew Brown
  12. Russell Smart
  13. Jayne Aiken
  14. Anthony Bonaventure
  15. Carole Ansell
  16. Kathy Pembry
  17. Philip Viegas
  18. Robyn Kidd
  19. Ines Neto
  20. Scott Milne
  21. Judaline Peters
  22. Caroline Rowe
  23. Karyn Macdonald
  24. Meg Cooper
  25. Nathan Wennington
  26. Claudia Rodrigues
  27. Maureen Martin
  28. Nurashia Maharaj
  29. Claire Perry
  30. Gurkamal Punia
  31. Wendy Harris
  32. Sergio Aureli
  33. Rita Bufton
  34. Iain Packham
  35. Elaine Burke
  36. Karthik Kumar
  37. David Elliott
  38. Jayne Robinson
  39. Nisreen Hussein
  40. Richard Smith
  41. Manuela Haaya
  42. Tanya Brzozowski
  43. Olesya Tikhontseva
  44. Katie Wane
  45. Michelle Spencer
  46. Lindsay Cooper
  47. Thomas Tiberghien
  48. Christian Preece
  49. Linda Ferrao
  50. Carmencita  Reyes

Prizes must be collected by 07 March 2019

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