“How You Present Yourself To The World Is A Powerful Tool”: Brand And Style Expert Kelly Lundberg

Kelly Lundberg

Kelly Lundberg moved to the UAE to join the cabin crew team at Emirates in 2002. A couple of years down the line, the ambitious entrepreneur from Scotland hung up her wings to venture into the business world and fly solo in an industry she is passionate about. 

Gaining notoriety as a celebrity stylist, she has since propelled herself to an award-winning business owner, author and international speaker, even appearing on the popular Tedx Talks series.

Most notably, Kelly launched The S.Academy which combines the best in catwalk and commerce to mentor business owners on how to launch and grow their own profitable business and personal brand.

In this special interview, she gives us an insight into how to navigate the choppy waters of running your own business. 

When did you get bitten by the business bug?

I was cabin crew at the time and in awe of the entrepreneurial spirit Dubai had, a can-do attitude that ‘Anything is Possible’. At the age of 24, I hung up my wings for the last time and took the next big step and launched the Middle East’s first personal shopping and styling and styling service. Some would say it was a risk, but if you don’t try you don’t succeed. I think being young and a little naive helped!

Tell us about the mentors who encouraged you along the way.

The first mentor I had was a close friend who really encouraged me to start my business; he gave me the confidence that I could make the leap to start my own business. He is still my friend today and I am grateful to this day for his belief in me.

I have come a long way since then, learned a lot and I can also attribute much to the thousands of dollars invested into further mentoring, coaching courses with individuals the likes of Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Andy Harrington. 

What was your biggest challenge starting out? 

The biggest challenge was the lack of ‘community’ and I really struggled to meet like-minded women in business. I wrote a book a few years into business and it really helped me to connect with great SMEs and latterly there are so many amazing communities on and offline helping and supporting those just starting out. 

How do you balance work and home life? 

Making sure that I take one day off a week where I can completely disconnect is a must for me. It’s a day where I don’t need to plan, get dressed up, put make up on, take the car out and face Dubai traffic.

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

My business is primarily digital now, my team is based all over the world, so we work virtually; being connected and self-motivated is key to growth. For me it all starts the night before, planning my day then waking up and getting straight into my morning routine of meditation, exercise and listening to a podcast or a book.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Don’t wait for the perfect time, there isn’t one!  Start now and create intentions that are clear and genuine. How you present yourself to the world is a powerful tool.  You can begin to do this even before you launch your business; it provides a great platform from which to develop.

For those interested in exploring further, Kelly offers free training on her website.

**Pictures courtesy of Kelly Lundberg's IG**

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