10 Things That Only Happen In Dubai

Dubai does not do anything by halves and pushing the envelope is just part of everyday life. If you’ve lived in the region for a while, it’s perfectly natural to start taking some of its elaborate features for granted. In all honesty, it takes a second to really think about the things we see to realise that it just wouldn’t happen anywhere else.  

1. Mermaids in a tank in the middle of a shopping mall


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Okay, they aren’t real mermaids but if anyone was going to use the real deal it would probably be Dubai. If you’re a fully-fledged resident, you probably walk straight past the aquarium in Dubai Mall nowadays but, there is an aquarium in a shopping mall. Think about it.

2. Camel crossing signs


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No amount of years in the UAE will ever stop you being excited when you see a camel - fact. All over the world there are signs of animals crossing, from deer to kangaroos and badgers to pumas, we’ve got camels.

3. Gold on everything


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If cities had national colours, Dubai’s would be gold. There’s nothing that wouldn’t improve if it were gold - that includes cutlery.

4. Gravity-defying window cleaning

We’re aware that skyscrapers all over the world have their windows cleaned. However, skyscrapers all over the world are not the world’s tallest skyscraper, so, this is both a unique and entirely terrifying scene.

5. Camels in a truck


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Just, camels in a truck.

6. Broken down limousine

A break-down is an absolute nightmare and, they happen all over the world. But, we figure if you’re going to have car troubles, doing so in a stretch Hummer limousine is not such a bad deal.

7. Floating houses


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The world is full of homes on water, but it is not full of homes on water that are floating on their own complete with underwater bedrooms is it?

8. Man-made islands


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Talking of water, how’s about that man-made island shaped like a palm tree? Just another work day.

9. Doing the most on the beach


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Beautiful beaches are what Dubai prides itself upon. But, in order to maintain that reputation, there’s no cutting corners!

10. Patriotism in total style


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Want to show your leaders your support? Three words: jet-pack boots.

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