Adding Wellness For Better Development In Children


As children are the future, child development is extremely important, especially during their formative years.

From the time they are born to the age of three, children learn the most as well as developing most of their behaviour and coping mechanisms.

When given the right tools to excel, it can help in developing the child into a well-rounded and positive person and will help in making better decisions and choices throughout their years.

Connector spoke with Christine Clinton, Co-Founder of Junior Genius Global and Chair at the Wellness for Children Initiative by Global Wellness Institute, about the importance of early intervention in children and how the Home Wellness Collection gives children the tools needed to guide them.

As the pandemic took away the structure and routine from children, during lockdown many parents were faced with the issue of trying to keep their children entertained, and the idea for the company was born from there.

With children set as the main inspiration behind the company, Junior Genius Global created the Home Wellness Collection based on the six different pillars by Global Wellness Institute, which develop physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

The collection can be used by parents and caregivers, and has eight fun activities that can be repeated daily including yoga, breathwork, books, neuro-nurturing, massages and more.

As 1 in 5 children have developed a mental health issue due to the pandemic, the wellness collection helps children to express their feelings better and despite the ever-changing world, reduces their anxieties and likeliness of being destructive as teenagers.

Early intervention is extremely important as children that do not have the right knowledge to express themselves end up throwing more tantrums, have disruptions in sleep and do not eat right.

Wellness can also help to increase a positive change in teenagers to help them socialise better and better manage their emotions.

The collection also allows children to develop healthy habits, for example with food by allowing them to decide which healthy recipe they would like to eat and be involved in making the dish, creating awareness about food and encouraging a healthy outlook on food.

The programme comes with a course to assist parents and caregivers with the collection and will also be added to a group, where kids of similar age can interact and develop their social skills.

Wellness is an important aspect of a child's life and as there is a lot of focus given to academics, taking care of their overall wellbeing needs to start at home, as it is the place where children are given the right tools and techniques to grow.

Although it is never too late to get into wellness, beginning from a younger age helps in better adapting to a changing world and establishing and encouraging their talents and overall growth.

The collection can be used till the age of eight years old, with wellness collections for older children being worked on.

The Home Collection is priced at Dhs 1,600 and is available on the Junior Genius Global website.

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