Meet The Teacher: Samantha Hodges


Teachers are the backbone of the education system. From the time we begin to the time we leave school, teachers are always ready to help guide their students on their journeys to excellence. 

Each teacher is unique and over the course of their teaching period, has helped nurture many brilliant minds today.

In this feature, Connector talks to teachers in the UAE about their journey from starting out to becoming a teacher.

Meet Samantha Hodges, a Wellbeing Coordinator at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai. With over 14 years of teaching experience as well as 11 years in the UAE, she has always dreamed of becoming a teacher. From teaching her stuffed animals in her bedroom to now teaching at an IB school, she has travelled to over forty countries in the world and has contributed to many relief aid campaigns and now is imparting the same kind-hearted values to her students.  

What inspired you to start teaching?

I always had a love for learning myself and I wanted to try and excite other people by learning new things. I was particularly interested in geography as a child, and I used to try and inspire others to learn about the world too.

How did you decide to teach your current subject?

MSC Studies aligns perfectly with my role as the Wellbeing Coordinator. Lessons are tailor-made and adapted to suit the needs of our students across the different grades. This also allows me to stay relevantly in tune with the needs of our students and identify talent and student achievement. 

Why do you love teaching?

I love teaching because I see the value in young people having strong role models who can influence them positively. For me it’s not only about the teaching, but about building strong bonds and relationships which nurture and give students the very best chance to be happy and successful.  

Do you remember your favourite teacher from school?

I am fortunate to be able to say I had many favourite teachers. I particularly liked my primary school teacher, Mr Worth, who read great stories to us. It was his enthusiasm and zest for reading which inspired me to read more. 

How do you make everyday classes more interesting?

I personalise lessons and show an interest in my students. I also make connections to real life so that students can relate and feel the relevance and worth of such topics. 

What is a unique part of the school?

Our bilingual, co-teaching approach to teaching and learning.

What would you do if you were not a teacher?

I would be a travel reporter. 

Samantha Hodges

Wellbeing Coordinator

Swiss International Scientific School

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