Fun Camps To Attend Over The Winter Break


The winter break from school is almost here and with the kids staying at home, the winter camps are a great place for the kids to head out for fun.

Rather than staying at home being bored, winter camps are sure to add some excitement and fun to their holidays and will also have them learn new skills with enthusiasm. Here are some great camps to attend.

Winter Camp in the Rainforest at The Green Planet

The Green Planet, the only indoor rainforest has launched a weekly winter camp. The camp will offer children with an educational experience on all things animals, plants and ecosystems with activities like scavenger hunts, arts and crafts and more. The camp is available from 12 to 29 December and can either be done for a week, which is priced at Dhs 720 or for a day, priced at Dhs 250. The camp will run from Sunday to Wednesday from 9am to 2pm. 20% discounts are available on bookings made before 9 December.

Video Gaming and Animation Course at Carfax

Children passionate about gaming and animation, will be able to enjoy a great camp that will focus on the different methods and types of animation, vector drawing, video game development as well as learning how to use software like Blender, Python and more. The camp is available for students aged 12 to 16 years and will run from 13 to 16 December. Held at Carfax Education Block 2A at Knowledge Village Dubai, the course is available for either in-person or online classes and can be done either one on one or in small groups and is priced at Dhs 1,500 plus VAT. 

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Adventureshop Afternoon Camp at OliOli

Go on a series of exciting challenges with OliOli for children aged 4 to 10 years, from 12 to 23 December. Kids can enjoy treasure hunts, spy missions, races and more that will help develop their creativity, imagination and problem-solving. Weekly prices for the camps are set at Dhs 790.


Life Skills Camp at Aventura Parks

Children aged 5 to 16 years old, can enjoy a fun life skills winter camp at Aventure Park. With the camp, kids will learn more about the environment as well as about themselves with fun activities including the STEAM program, nature activities, performing arts, team building, sustainability, survival and exploring the park. The camp will run from 9am to 6pm and all attendees will receive a certificate of participation. Prices for one day of camp is set at Dhs 240 and a full week, from Sunday to Thursday, is Dhs 840.

Football Winter Camp at Soccer Kids

Soccer Kids is hosting a great winter camp for kids of all abilities to play football. The camp will be priced at Dhs 120 per day or Dhs 500 per week and will be held at the Lakes Field in Dubai. The timings for the camp is from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 12pm. 


Winter Revision Course at Carfax

If your kids would like to get ahead of the curriculum currently taught in school, then the Carfax Winter Revision Course is a great one to attend. Students can get tutored in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and English for IGCSE courses. The course is available for either in-person or online classes and can be done either one on one or in small groups. In-person tutoring will be held at Carfax Education Block 2A at Knowledge Village Dubai. The camp will run from 12 to 23 December.

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Football Camp at LaLiga Academy

Learn to play football at LaLiga Academy and get trained by UEFA certified coaches. From 12 to 30 December, participate in either a daily class, a weekly class or for three weeks. Prices for the camp start at Dhs 195 daily, Dhs 780 weekly and Dhs 1,755 for three weeks.


Inventshop Morning Camp at OliOli

Delight in a fun camp for children aged 4 to 10 years at OliOli with the Inventshop Morning Camp. The camp will help children learn how to think innovatively, solve problems and explore their creativity by taking inspiration from female inventors like Marie Curie, Joan Clarke and more. The weekly campaign runs from 12 to 23 December and will be priced at Dhs 1,090 per week. 


Winter Camp at Footlab

Footlab, the first indoor football performance and entertainment park in the world is offering children with a fun football camp this winter break. Children can test their skills and practice their awareness, speed, technique, precision and strength. The camp is available either daily, weekly or from 12 to 30 December. Prices for the camp are set at Dhs 250 a day, Dhs 1,000 weekly and Dhs 2,250 for the whole camp duration along with a pizza lunch at ISD at Dubai Sports City. 


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