Nutritious Meal Plans For Kids Lunches

With most children back in school after a period of home schooling, the change in routine can be hard for parents and children alike. With online classes, the kitchen was a quick run to grab a snack but with in-person classes, packing lunches and snacks is important to keep the kid's energies high. With the change in adjusting to classes, helping kids out with their school work and managing work and home life balance, it can get overwhelming to make sure kids are getting their daily nutrients. 

There are a number of meal plans available across the UAE can be a great help to parents that are busy by making their workload a little lighter and providing their families with healthy and nutritious meals. Based on the number of people, the meals required in a day and dietary restrictions, perfectly personalised meals can be delivered to your door.

Here are some meal plans to make sure your kids are getting delicious food that they look forward to daily.

Petit Gourmet

Petit Gourmet offers delicious and healthy meals that are cooked daily and delivered in sustainable packaging. The meals are organic, fresh and 100% natural and is cooked by Jean-Christophe, a French chef. The menus cater to the individual child and the menus are approved by the Dubai Municipality. After receiving approval from the school or nursery, the meals are delivered straight to the kids with ease.


Sprout meal plans are a great option for parents that would like healthy meals for their kids that has been designed by nutrition scientists and chefs. Parents can pick the items needed for the week for the family and it will be delivered every Saturday, to get a head start for the busy school week. All the containers used to deliver food are collected, recycled, sanitised and reused. Delight in dishes including ninja pockets, yani biryani, mac ain't cheese and more.

Fresh To Home 

Fresh To Home is offering delicious ready to cook options that are great for a quick and easy lunch when in a hurry. The meals are 100% clean and are free from preservatives, chemicals, antibodies and food additives. Delight in meals including chicken wings, vegetable dumplings, parmesan risotto balls, zinger popcorn, chicken nuggets and more.

Yum In A Box

Yum In A Box is a meal plan targeted for children especially in the age group from 2 to 10 years. The subscription service offers delicious meals in sustainable packaging and helps educate children on healthy eating by using characters and various games. With vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, dishes include chicken and potato pie, apple crumble, spaghetti Pomodoro, cheese souffle omelette and more.


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