Fun Family Activities To Try Out At Home Over The Summer


Summer holidays are in full swing and the first few weeks are always exciting with lots being done, but as the days go by with all the free time on hand, the holidays can get quite boring when the ideas become less and the options seem fewer. With the weather also limiting ideas, it can be frustrating coming up with ways to keep the little ones occupied for the next few weeks. Looking for ideas? Here are some great activities to do that are fun and the family can enjoy.

Boredom Jar

A boredom jar is a fun activity to get creative, and is bound to be loads of fun. Find a jar and some popsicle sticks or coloured paper and write a bunch of fun activities to do, from trying out new restaurants to fun places to visit around Dubai. When bored and need some ideas to do something enjoyable, pick a stick or paper out of the jar and have fun on an unexpected adventure.

Blanket Fort

Blanket forts are the best way to have fun when bored. All you need are comfy sheets, pillows, blankets and fairy lights to transform your living room into a magical fort. If you love painting or drawing, a blanket fort is a great little escape to find that zen and can also double as a nap spot after all the hard work put in to create it.


If you love riddles and any activities involving the mind, then puzzles are a great activity to try out. If you are a puzzle master, then opt for intricate puzzles involving nature and scenic landscapes with over 1,000 pieces. For younger children, fun puzzles involving animals are a great way to bring in education while also having fun!

Paint Ice Blocks

With the hot summers in Dubai, ice is usually used in refreshing drinks to cool down but painting on an ice block is even cooler. All you need to do is pour water into a container and pop it into the freezer. When frozen solid, take the ice out of the container and paint using watercolours. The colours will mesh into each other as the ice melts and it is a fun experience to definitely try out.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a fun option to keep the little ones busy when you have some chores you need to cross off your to-do list and need them distracted for a bit. Move all the breakable objects, grab some pillows and old delivery boxes and arrange them in a fun way. Add fun little games like Connect 4 or dominos which will increase the difficulty of the obstacle course and will definitely keep them busy for hours.

DIY Crafts

If you love getting creative and making things, DIY crafts are right up your alley. With tie-dye back in fashion, get some clothes dye and have fun creating stunning outfits or create a lava lamp or glitter jar if you get easily stressed out as it can be calming and soothing to look at or make some fun resin or beads keychains for the family, especially for the ones that are constantly misplacing their keys.

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