Save The Life Of A Shelter Animal

Not travelling this summer? Give a shelter pet a holiday by fostering them!

Being a foster is a great way to get some experience looking after a furry friend for a short period of time.

It will also give you a good idea of whether you are ready for the commitment of adopting one.

If you are ready to give one of the many deserving animals in UAE shelters a forever home, head down to the weekly adoption days at The PetShop.

The PetShop works with leading animal shelters in the country to host cat and dog adoption days every Saturday and Sunday at their stores and other external partner venues.

Additionally, different training and educational events are hosted where you can join in with your furry friends too!

For more information on all their adoption days, visit the Dubai Pet Food Adoption website.

Visit the Dubai Pet Food website to learn more about The PetShop and its products and services.

Follow their Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for updates on all their launches, adoption days, pet parties and giveaways. 

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