Meet Priyanka Sengar, The Woman Behind UAE's First Women-Only Job Portal


In an interview with Connector, Priyanka Sengar, a UAE-based Indian entrepreneur, shares her journey behind launching 'Women First Jobs', the UAE's pioneering women-only job portal. Inspired by the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the UAE Gender Balance Council, Priyanka aims to address the persistent job gap and pay disparities faced by women professionals. 

Her platform aligns with the council's initiatives, advocating for equal pay, gender equality in recruitment and promotion, and fostering transparency in the workforce. Priyanka's goal is to empower women in the UAE and contribute to creating a more inclusive and balanced professional landscape.

What Lead To Priyanka Sengar Starting 'Women First Jobs'

Hailing from Jodhpur, India, Priyanka Sengar, laid the foundation of her career in Delhi after completing her education. Armed with degrees from renowned institutions like IIM and Kellogg School of Management, she dedicated 14 years to the corporate sector, navigating roles across multiple multinational corporations and regions worldwide. Despite her extensive corporate journey, Priyanka sensed a constant gap in diversity, equity, and inclusion for women in workspaces. This realisation propelled her, and she left her lucrative job to start 'Women First Jobs'. 

Sharing her journey and how it all began, Priyanka said, "As the sole founder of 'Women First Jobs' and with over a decade of corporate experience, I recognised the challenges women face in the workplace and decided to address them head-on. My entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a deep desire to create, innovate, and effect positive change in the world. The spark of entrepreneurship within me is ignited by my innate curiosity, a relentless passion for problem-solving, and a firm belief in the power of innovation. By identifying a gap in the market that aligns with my skills and passions, I've ventured on a mission to empower women and promote a more inclusive professional landscape."

Recognising the vast business opportunities in the UAE, Priyanka Sengar, gets the challenges women face in securing their ideal job and fair pay. Thus, 'Women First Jobs' not only facilitates job searches but also provides skill development, mentoring, and coaching to empower women professionally. Through comprehensive market research, Priyanka identified the need for a platform offering resume assistance, career counselling, and guidance on salary negotiation. The aim is to revolutionise the hiring process by ensuring companies tap into the pool of talented women worldwide. 'Women First Jobs' strives to bridge the gap between skilled women professionals and potential employers, fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Sharing her experience and objective, Priyanka added, "When designing the 'Women First Jobs' platform, our primary objective was to create a space that goes beyond traditional job boards. We envisioned a platform that actively empowers women by addressing specific challenges they face in the professional world. The key ways in which the 'Women First Jobs' platform aims to empower women include Equal Opportunities, Skills Development, Mentoring and Coaching."

How Will 'Women First Jobs' Benefit Women In The UAE

UAE is a rapidly growing centre for technology and startups, leading to a thriving job market. 'Women First Jobs' is dedicated to helping women secure jobs in their desired fields by providing market insights and skill development opportunities. 

Talking more about the UAE market and the expanding opportunities for women in the country, Priyanka added, "In light of the expanding opportunities for women in the UAE across diverse sectors, our platform envisions playing a pivotal role in advancing and benefiting women in several ways like creating awareness regarding the job openings in all the sectors and industries, our platform ensures that job listings and resources are culturally sensitive and inclusive. The UAE is experiencing growth in sectors like technology, finance, healthcare, and renewable energy. 'Women First Jobs' focuses on offering skill development resources tailored to the demands of these industries. Ultimately, 'Women First Jobs' seeks to be a catalyst for the continued empowerment of women in the UAE, contributing to their professional growth and participation in the evolving landscape of opportunities across various sectors in the country." 

Sharing Her Ultimate Goal 

According to Priyanka, the goal of this platform is to empower everyone who advocates for women's empowerment and works for equitable opportunity for all women, and thinks this platform will empower women to follow their aspirations fearlessly and help them secure the jobs they deserve. 

Priyanka ends by sharing her goal and saying, "My mission is clear. My goal is to create a platform that will empower women, acknowledge their achievements, and radically change the corporate landscape to become truly inclusive." 

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