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Dubai, a cultural melting pot, offers an array of cuisines to satisfy every palate. For those looking to explore something new, why not indulge in a delicious pie? Known for its fillings nestled in a flaky crust, pie comes in flavours ranging from traditional apple to rich chocolate cream and savoury chicken. Originating in Ancient Greece some 2,000 years ago, pie has evolved into a popular dish worldwide, enjoyed as a dessert and a savoury treat. If you're eager to try good pies in Dubai, Connector recommends these top 10 places.

Sweet Pies To Enjoy In Dubai 


Located in Silicon Central Mall, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Bloomsbury’s, an artisan bakery and boutique cafe, offers a delightful selection of desserts. Their standout item is the classic pecan pie priced at Dhs 199, featuring a rich blend of pecan nuts, eggs, butter, sugar, dark corn syrup, and honey. Each bite promises a mouthwatering experience, with flavours of caramel and pecans complementing each other perfectly. Another favourite is the bite-sized Mississippi mud pie, available for Dhs 22, known for its dense chocolate and cream filling in a crisp chocolate shortcrust.


BB Social Dining 

Situated in Gate Village 8, DIFC, BB Social Dining is renowned for its exceptional waffle apple pies. Spanning three floors, it features a lounge bar, kitchen, restaurant, garden, and terrace interconnected by a majestic spiral staircase. Their signature waffle apple pies, crafted with apple wonton and accompanied by salted caramel and vanilla black sesame cream, are a must-try. Priced at Dhs 55, if you love apple and caramel flavours, do try this.


Susan’s Baking Company

Located on the ground floor of Dunya Tower in Downtown Dubai, Susan’s Baking Company is an American bakery offering classic American cakes, pies, and meals in a cosy rustic ambience. One of their must-try specialities is the summer special coconut cream pie priced at Dhs 235, featuring a creamy coconut filling and toasted coconut. Another favourite is the Mississippi mud pie for Dhs 210, a decadent nine-inch pie with an Oreo crust, rich chocolate filling, and chocolate ganache topping. They also serve classic American pecan pie for Dhs 290, known for its crunchy pecans in a sweet, sticky filling along with other pies like pumpkin pie, key lime pie and apple pie. 


Yalla Momos 

For a fusion take on traditional pies, visit Yalla Momos across various locations in Dubai, such as Al Karama, Al Barsha, and Dubai International City, to experience their unique apple pie momos. Priced at Dhs 9 for three pieces, these momos blend the savoury spices of momos with the delightful crunchiness of the pie crust. It's a good choice for those who love momos and pies and are open to exploring new flavour combinations.


Savoury Pies To Enjoy In Dubai 

The Rose And Crown 

Situated in The Atrium at Al Habtoor City, The Rose and Crown embodies the essence of a quintessential British pub, offering a warm and social atmosphere. Their menu features signature pies, steak and kidney pie for Dhs 95 and chicken and leek pie for Dhs 90. Each pie is crafted with traditional ingredients such as tender meat, creamy sauces and golden puff pastry, accompanied by sides like chips or garden peas.



Located at The Els Club in Dubai Sports City, 261 restaurant is renowned for its diverse culinary offerings spanning British, Indian, Thai, and Mexican cuisines. Among their specialities is the steak pie, which is served in a crisp puff pastry shell alongside crispy fries and is priced at Dhs 90. Additionally, you can savour the pie and mash, a chicken and mushroom pie served with mashed potatoes, green peas, and gravy, also priced at Dhs 90.


Reform Social And Grill

If you're craving a hearty breakfast pie, consider trying the all-day breakfast pie at Reform Social and Grill, situated at The Lakes, priced at Dhs 78. This pie is packed with meat creamy wild mushroom, sun-dried tomato and all the meaty classics you would expect from a full English breakfast, all wrapped in puff pastry, served with baked beans and a fried egg. It is a satisfying morning meal option.



Located in Gate Village 4, DIFC, Gaia offers an immersive experience of Grecian culture, blending warm hospitality with intricate details. Founded through the collaboration of Evgeny Kuzin and Chef Izu Ani, their menu highlights include a cheese pie infused with goat cheese and black truffle priced at Dhs 105 and a spinach pie filled with spinach and feta cheese for Dhs 55. Each pie promises to satisfy your taste buds with authentic flavours and quality ingredients.


Bake My Day

Located at The Beach, JBR, Bake My Day, a new Dutch and Belgian food concept provides a terrace view of the Ain Dubai and diverse culinary offerings for the ultimate dining experience. Among their specialities, Bake My Day offers an apple pie priced at Dhs 30, featuring pastry cream, apple slices, and sugar powder. For a savoury choice, their chicken bastilla, a Moroccan pie, is priced at Dhs 65. It boasts a light, crispy warqa pastry filled with savoury saffron chicken, omelette stuffing, and topped with crunchy fried almonds sweetened with ginger powder, garnished with powdered sugar and lemon.


Artisan Bakers

Located at 3 Umm Suqeim Street, Umm Suqeim, Artisan Bakers is renowned for its handcrafted culinary delights, offering a diverse range of artisanal creations. This bakery specialises in savoury pies, including their signature chicken and mushroom pie priced at Dhs 15. This pie features a short crust filled with tender chicken breast, mushrooms, cream, and cheese. Another must-try is their steak and kidney pie also priced at Dhs 15, along with options like beef and caramelised onion pie and more. So if you love savoury pies, Artisan Bakers promises a delightful experience with its flavourful offerings.


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