Ten To Try: Kababs


Kababs, with their tantalising blend of spices and tender meat, are a beloved culinary delight enjoyed across cultures worldwide. Whether grilled to perfection or simmered in rich sauces, kababs are a perfect go-to snack and main-course option. And if you love kababs, Connector suggests these 10 places in Dubai to try them. 

Al Ustad Special Kabab

Al Ustad Special Kababs, located in Mankhool, is a local favourite renowned for its authentic Persian cuisine. It's a go-to spot for residents and tourists craving delicious kababs in Dubai. Portions are generous, prices reasonable, and the average cost for two is Dhs 90. A hub for affordable dining, it offers a mouthwatering array of perfectly spiced kababs and hearty cuts. Don't miss their signature dishes like cholo kabab and joujeh kababs. 


Emly Chilli

Spread across various locations in Dubai, including Oud Metha, Al Mamzar, and Deira City Center, Emly Chilli offers flavourful and spicy kababs. Their mixed grill platter is perfect for a kabab party, allowing you to try varied delicious options. Besides that, don't miss out on their must-try mutton seek kabab and chicken seek kabab. With an average cost of Dhs 55 for two, it's a budget-friendly choice.


Farsi Restaurant

Nestled in Business Bay, JLT and Al Ghurair Mall, Farsi Restaurant offers a culinary journey to the streets of Persia with its exquisite flavours. Renowned for its diverse kabab selection, the menu features must-try delights such as the classic chelo kabab, as well as the negini, chenjeh, and bakhtiyari varieties. Indulge in specialities like the tika masti kabab and fillet kabab makhsoos Farsi, priced at an average of Dhs 200 for two, promising a memorable dining experience. 


Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant

Situated in Jumeirah Beach and Deira, Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant brings the essence of Iraqi cuisine to Dubai. With a fusion of Arabian and Middle Eastern flavours, the restaurant exudes a delightful ambience where the taste of Iraq harmonises with nostalgic aromas and contemporary joy. Priced at an average of Dhs 230 for two, the menu boasts an array of tantalising kabab options, including Iraqi kabab, pistachio kabab, and Iraqi kabab yoghurt, ensuring a culinary journey filled with delight and authenticity.



Located on the second floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Deira Creek with picturesque vistas overlooking the Creek and Old Dubai, Shabestan stands as a MICHELIN-guide restaurant. Renowned for its authentic Persian cuisine, the charming eatery presents a delectable array of traditional Persian dishes and marinated meats. With an average cost of Dhs 450 for two, Shabestan offers signature kabab dishes such as kabab barre, chelo kabab-e-soltani, joojeh kabab, and more, promising a gastronomic journey enriched with Persian flavours and culinary finesse.


Tandoor Dawat 

Nestled in Al Karama, Tandoor Dawat presents a delectable array of Indian, Kabab, Mughlai, and Indo-Chinese cuisine. With an average price of Dhs 125 for two, the restaurant also caters to vegetarians with tempting kabab choices such as veg seek Nizami, paneer tikka, mushroom laajawab, and paneer butti kabab. Meat enthusiasts can relish specialities like banjara murgh, kalmi, and mutton pahadi kababs, among others. With its diverse menu and inviting ambience, Tandoor Dawat invites you on a culinary journey brimming with flavours and delights.


Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant

Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant, situated in Jumeirah 2 and Deira, offers an expansive menu featuring authentic Iraqi cuisine. With an average price of Dhs 230 for two, you can indulge in a variety of Iraqi delights. Highlights include the Kurdish kabab, chicken kabab, and kabab baqlawa, and for Indian flavours, the Indian kababs are a must-try. At the restaurant don't forget to try their special, called, 'Kabab Erbil Al Iraqi'. 


Wafi Gourmet

At Wafi Gourmet in Dubai Mall, Lebanese culinary delights await, transporting diners to the flavours of Lebanon. Authentic Lebanese cuisine graces the tables, while the on-site souq provides ingredients sourced from Lebanon's finest locations. Among its array of options, the kababs from the grill section stand out. Indulge in kabab halabi, kabab with eggplants, kabab Orfali, and more while enjoying views of the Dubai Fountain. With an average cost of Dhs 295 for two, you cannot miss the kababs here. 


Pind Da Dhaba 

Located in Al Karama, Pind Da Dhaba is renowned for its delicious grilled dishes and is considered one of the top spots for kababs in Dubai. With an authentic rustic Dhaba ambience, it's where food represents love and delivers genuine Punjabi flavours. Don't miss out on delights like chicken seekh kabab, tangdi kabab, and mutton kakori kabab, all at an average cost of Dhs 135 for two.


Punjab Grill 

Situated in Anantara Downtown Dubai, Punjab Grill invites you to delve into the culinary opulence of Indian cuisine, with flavours crafted over flames and in the tandoor. Renowned as one of Dubai's finest Indian restaurants, it seamlessly blends stunning design with Indian heritage. Kabab lovers should indulge in specialities like raunakeen lamb seekh, lal mirchi chicken soola, mixed grill kabab platter and more alongside other tantalising options. Enjoy this culinary journey at an average cost of Dhs 425 for two.


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