Top Places To Enjoy Pakistani Cuisines In Dubai


Dubai is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, boasting an array of cuisines to satisfy every taste bud. Among these, Pakistani cuisine stands out for its bold flavours, vibrant spices, and diverse dishes. From aromatic nihari to sumptuous biryani, Pakistani food offers a delectable experience for all. Connector has curated a list of Pakistani restaurants in Dubai that are a must-visit for any foodie eager to explore the city's culinary delights.

Pak Liyari: Pak Liyari, a family-friendly Pakistani restaurant, has multiple branches across Dubai in Bur Dubai, Deira, and Al Nahda. Established in 2007, it is renowned for serving some of the finest Pakistani biryanis in Dubai. Their specialities include mutton biryani, chicken biryani, white roast, chicken karahi, chicken and mutton Peshawari. With reasonable prices, an average meal for two costs between Dhs 50 to Dhs 75.

Shehar-E-Karachi: Situated in Meena Bazaar, Shehar-E-Karachi is a quaint eatery in Dubai renowned for its diverse selection of Pakistani cuisine, particularly its assortment of Pakistani bread. With an average cost of Dhs 45 for two people, standout dishes include special chicken Peshawari, chicken shahi darbar, shahi haleem, mutton Shahjani biryani, and chicken Shahjani biryani. Their sheermal, romali roti and keema paratha make excellent accompaniments to the main courses.


Ravi Restaurant: Ravi Restaurant in Al Satwa is synonymous with Pakistani cuisine superiority in the UAE. Established in 1978, it's renowned for its delectable curries, fluffy naan, and succulent grilled meats. With an average price of Dhs 85 for two, must-try dishes include reshmi kabab, paya, achari chicken handi, mutton jalfraizi, chicken palak, and chicken masala rice.


Karachi Grill: Since its establishment in 2017, Karachi Grill has been a culinary gem in Dubai, showcasing the essence of Pakistani cuisine with pride. Situated in Jumeirah 2 and with an average cost of Dhs 190 for two, Karachi Grill offers a delightful array of dishes including Karachi special bun kebab, mutton rogan josh, chapli kabab, Karachi grilled chicken tikka, and more, ensuring every bite is a testament to flavour and tradition.

Al Ibrahimi Restaurant: Situated in Al Karama, Al Ibrahimi Restaurant offers a diverse buffet showcasing an array of culinary delights, ranging from BBQ specialities to vegetarian options. Among their standout dishes are mutton kabab, lamb chops, chicken karahi, kabab karahi, dall mutton, chicken qorma, and chicken biryani. With an average price of Dhs 85 for two, you can indulge in a wide selection of Pakistani delicacies alongside other delectable choices.

Des Pardes: Situated in Oud Metha, Des Pardes is a 24-hour restaurant renowned for its authentic Pakistani food in Dubai. Offering a diverse menu, with an average cost of Dhs 85 for two, highlights include dal gosht, chicken seekh kabab kadai, badami murgh qorma, mutton biryani, and achari gosht. Complement your main courses with bread options such as kalonji naan, rogni naan, keema naan, and more.


Little Lahore: Nestled in JLT Cluster G, Little Lahore is your go-to spot for authentic Pakistani breakfast delights. Don't miss their Pakistani omelette, Lahori chana, paratha omelette roll, and achari aloo bhaji for breakfast. Beyond breakfast, the restaurant offers delectable options for lunch and dinner. For later meals, indulge in dishes like chicken hara masala, tawa keema, and mutton karahi. With an average cost of Dhs 140 for two, you can visit this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the flavours won't disappoint. 


Lal Qila: Opened in 2011, Lal Qila in Jumeirah 1 serves up authentic Mughlai, tandoori, and classic Pakistani food. With an average price of Dhs 135 for two, it offers a diverse menu featuring mutton kabab, barbecue platters, chicken biryani, mutton karahi, and a range of combo meals and monthly specials.

Student Biryani: For over five decades, Student Biryani has been a renowned Pakistani brand, known for its unique and delicious biryani with consistent taste and quality. Originating from a small eatery in Saddar, Karachi, it has grown into a household name. Located in Al Karama, Student Biryani offers dishes such as chicken biryani, mutton biryani, barbecue biryani, chicken white karahi, and beef qeema, paired with Pakistani bread like sheermal, taftan, and romali toti. With an average cost of Dhs 70, it promises delightful flavours.

Karachi Darbar: Spread across various locations in Dubai including Karama, Fahidi, Satwa, Oud Metha and more, Karachi Darbar is renowned for its flavourful Pakistani grill dishes. Since its inception in Dubai in 1973, the restaurant has been delighting foodies across the UAE with its delectable offerings. With an average cost for two at Dhs 100, Karachi Darbar offers dishes like Karachi boneless karahi, namkeen roast, nihari, keema paratha, and mutton kabab karahi, alongside a variety of sides, grills, and refreshments.

Barbecue Delights: Barbecue Delights offers over 50 Pakistani curries and grills, showcasing the authentic flavours of Pakistan. Located in The Walk JBR, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Motor City, the restaurant offers a diverse menu including chicken karahi, mutton chapli kabab, prawn biryani, Lahori fried fish, along with grills, barbecues, chaat, and starters. With an average cost for two at Dhs 155, it's the perfect spot for a wholesome meal with loved ones.

Pak Darbar: With over 29 branches across the UAE, Pak Darbar serves delectable Pakistani cuisine at affordable prices. Located in various areas of Dubai such as Al Nahda, Al Fahidi, Garhoud, Al Barsha, JLT and more, the restaurant offers must-try dishes like Pakistani chana, keema, nihari, chicken Peshawari, chicken boti pulao, and chicken biryani. With an average cost for two at Dhs 75, you can also indulge in Mughlai delicacies alongside Pakistani delights.

Truck Adda: Dubai's first truck-art-themed restaurant, nestled in Cluster D, JLT, Truck Adda brings the essence of Pakistan to the UAE. Vibrant and styled like traditional Pakistani dhabas, the place offers a unique dining experience. With an average cost for two at Dhs 85, indulge in classic Pakistani dishes like anda paratha, palak gosht, mutton chapli kabab, fish and chicken karahi, bun kebabs, chicken samosas, and more.

Daily Restaurant: Spread across Dubai in Deira, Al Barsha, Mirdif, and beyond, Daily Restaurant promises to tantalise your taste buds with authentic Pakistani flavours. From aloo gosht to fried nihari and behari kabab, their menu offers a diverse range of options, including vegetarian dishes. Don't miss their daily specials for a chance to try something unique. With an average cost for two at Dhs 80, it's an affordable culinary journey through the streets of Pakistan.

Nayaab Handi: With branches in Al Barsha, Al Satwa, and beyond, Nayaab Handi serves delectable Pakistani cuisine across Dubai and the UAE. With an average cost for two at Dhs 100, indulge in their dishes like chicken seekh kebab, malai boti, and mutton biryani. Families can opt for the family meal combo. Alongside kebabs, barbecue platters, and tandoor dishes, their varied combos and deals ensure there's something to satisfy every palate.

Sthan: Named after the countries it represents, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Sthan in Karama offers a diverse range of dishes. For Pakistani cuisine, don't miss out on specialities like Lahori gosht sheekh, Karachi boti tikka, Peshawari Kadai murg, and murg biryani. Complement your meal with their signature bread, Naan-e-Sthan, which is generously sized to satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

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