Back-to-school Fashion Trends

Lately, it seems that kids are just as interested in fashion as adults. Not all schools require kids to wear a uniform, so back-to-school season is a fun time for them to start experimenting with their look, by trying different styles and new trends. Here are a few back-to-school trends that mix and match old and new clothes for school.


Achieve that 90s-inspired style by adding some plaid to your child’s wardrobe. From girls’ skirts to boys’ shirts, shoes to accessories, you'll see plaid at almost every turn. A simple and easy way to achieve this look, is by layering a plaid button-up shirt over a solid white tee or tank, and pair with jeans or a skirt. For a look that’s a little more rock ‘n roll, simply wrap and tie the plaid shirt around the waist. Bring back the good old days with this casual, trendy look.

Chic high-waist jeans

This chic style looks great on little girls. High-waist jeans go well with tank tops, tucked or untucked, striped or plain. You can also add some girly accessories, like colourful hair clips or head bands, to add a young, fresh accent. A pair of cute loafers or flats will keep your little ones comfy in this style.

Boys’ athletic Trousers

As adorable as they look in skinny jeans, boys don’t always have the same desire to wear them, as girls do. Give the boys a break from the rugged look with jeans and cargos. Dress them in athletic trousers and track pants. Not just for fashion, these trousers are the perfect garment to keep up with your boy’s active and energetic lifestyle. Best paired with cool printed tees and sneakers, perfect match!

Sporty Style

Your child doesn’t need to be an athlete to pull off the sporty look. this back to school season. Graphic tees with sports-inspired images, or varsity-style jackets are perfect for this look. Little girls will love cute and colourful jogger pants, which will also suit play activities at school. Keep an eye out for bright and bold colours and prints.


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