Spreading Happiness Around The World With A Bottle Of Water

Emirati philanthropist Omar Abdulla Khalfan 34, an engineer by profession is the chief kind officer at Be Kind, an organisation which was launched in 2018 with a mission to spread a message of compassion, kindness and giving back to society by helping those in need. Zayed Water, a packaged water company, is the first brand of Be Kind and is dedicated to donating 100% of its profits to help combat the scarcity of water around the world. For Omar, he is a firm believer of the philosophies of the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and wants to align Zayed Water’s mission and vision with virtues of kindness, generosity and compassion, that the late Sheikh Zayed is known for.

The project, Zayed Water, is one of the ways for Omar Abdulla Khalfan to carry forward the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed, doing what Sheikh Zayed believed in the most. Connector met with Omat Abdulla Khalfan and spent time with him speaking about his mission.

How Did The Idea Of Creating The Brand Zayed Water Take Shape?

You can survive without many things, but existence without water is impossible. When I read reports citing the number of deaths around the world for not having access to clean drinking water, it makes me sad but as a professional it puts private sectors like us in charge of taking the responsibility to provide clean water to those in need. The business is not meant to generate profits but to give back to the community.

You Could Choose To Donate An Amount Of Money To Construct Wells Around The World, Why Did You Choose To Start A Water Brand Instead?

One of the reasons behind starting the Zayed Water venture was to create a platform where people could purchase something, and 100% profit will go to a cause. Zayed Water is a platform where we involve community to contribute. The project is sustainable, and we are in a position to help those in need for an infinite time, rather than helping them for one-off time. I invested Dhs 250,000 as a start-up cost to set up the company instead of donating the cash, now the company is running, and it can contribute a much bigger amount to create a sustainable impact on people’s lives. Involving community in a project of this nature helps in bringing a change in mindset of those people who may not realise that millions of people who don't have access to clean water are suffering in this world, and they can help.

How Do The Profit Donations Benefit People?

We started the company in May 2019, we donated the first quarter’s 100% profit of Dhs 52,700 in September 2019, the money is now being used to construct wells in seven countries including India, Pakistan, Egypt, Tzaksitan through our charity partner Emirates Red Crescent. The work is under construction and is expected to finish in March 2020. We will be donating profits every four months. In January, we will be donating almost double the amount, thanks to all the kind forces who are appreciating the project and contributing to it.

What Were The Initial Challenges Faced?

It took us three years to figure out each and every detail to set up a company in a legal way. A company with right strategy and a name. Zayed Water project is based on three pillars: First pillar is giving back to the community (charity), second pillar is Low Sodium Water (Healthy) and the third one is its name after the founder of the UAE, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Loyalty). In order to create awareness among the society, we have kept our prices lower than the market prices and provide quality products in competitive prices.

How Do You Source Zayed Water?

Zayed Water is a socially responsible and ethical bottled water brand. The bottled water uses 45% less plastic, consumes less energy to manufacture, and also reduces carbon emissions. Zayed Water is sustainably sourced from the natural oasis of Falaj Al Mualla that lies at the foothills of the legendary Hajar Mountains. 

Are You Working On Different Ways To Create Awareness Among UAE Residents?

Zayed Water is a very transparent project. We are building a graphic interface at the website, which will show how a profit from each bottle sold is bringing a positive change in the world. It will encompass all numbers and figures as well. 

Any Other Products You Are Planning To Launch Under The Be Kind Company?

We are currently focusing on water. We will look into creating more brands in future, but as of now, our focus is on water and building wells and combat water scarcity around globe. If you are interested in finding out more about Zayed Water visit www.zayedwater.ae

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