Transport To Seoul By Visiting These Korean Restaurants In Dubai


Thanks to Korean dramas, music, and skincare, Korean culture has become very popular. If you love everything Korean and enjoy its flavourful cuisine, Connector recommends visiting these Korean restaurants in Dubai. With authentic flavours and ambience, these restaurants will transport you to the streets of Seoul.

Smoki Moto

Located in the Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Smoki Moto offers an elevated Korean barbecue experience. This Seoul-inspired venue features premium steaks cooked on state-of-the-art charcoal grills. It includes a butcher shop, lounge, Korean pancake station, and main grill area with an expansive terrace perfect for sunset views while enjoying music from a resident DJ. Smoki Moto serves authentic Korean dishes like tuna gimbap, kimchi pancakes, bibimbap stone bowls, and Korean soups and stews, including doenjang jjigae and tteokguk.


Hoe Lee Kow 

Located at Building 4, Dubai Hills Business Park, Dubai Hills, Hoe Lee Kow, led by renowned chef Reif Othman, offers an extraordinary Korean barbecue experience with a creative twist. The lively atmosphere at Hoe Lee Kow is perfect for friends, families, and food lovers to enjoy dishes like haemul pajeon (Korean-style seafood pancake), wagyu steam buns, and Reif fried chicken. For a comforting meal, try the kimchi udon and galbi tang.

Seoul Street Cafe

Located in the Onyx Tower, The Greens, Seoul Street has become a beloved spot in the community. Try their bibimbap or the kimchi tuna melt for a flavourful twist. Despite a compact menu, every dish is executed perfectly. Don't miss their authentic bingsu (authentic Korean shaved ice cream), available in various flavours with toppings like fresh fruit and tapioca pearls. 


Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Located on Al Ittihad Road, Port Saeed, Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a premium Korean restaurant in Dubai known for authentic Korean cuisine and delightful bubble tea. Enjoy the finest Korean barbecue, fresh seafood, and traditional dishes that transport you to Seoul. The restaurant features electric and charcoal grills, offering dishes like fermented kimchi, jjigae, Australian wagyu, bulgogi, and banchan. Don't miss the Bingsu dessert, and enjoy private dining rooms for special occasions.

Hyu Restaurant 

Located in Cluster O, JLT, Hyu Restaurant offers authentic Korean cuisine with inbuilt barbecue grills at each table. Relocated from Oud Metha in 2017, Hyu serves favourites like marinated dolsot-bibimbap, bakgangjeong, and kimchijeon. You can also enjoy dishes like barbecue galbi, spicy seafood noodle soup, and glass noodles. With authentic dishes and traditional ambience, this one is a must-visit. 



Located in the Conrad Hotel, Sheilh Zayed Road, Kimpo Restaurant in Dubai features a striking 'Brooklyn meets Seoul' vibe with neon lights and K-pop artwork. Signature dishes include Korean-style chicken mandu dim sum, jjigae shrimp guk, Korean bao buns and Seoul’s crispy fried shrimp. For desserts, mochi ice cream and mango on a stick are a must-try. 


Romantic Baka

Located in Al Ghurair Centre in Deira, Romantic Baka specialises in Korean barbecue and a variety of Korean treats. The venue features industrial interiors with concrete floors, high ceilings, bright red pipes, and dangling light bulbs. Funky music adds to the vibrant atmosphere, evoking the bustling streets of Southeast Asia. Romantic Baka offers a full Korean barbecue spread and other favourites like tteokbokki, kimchi jjigae, kimbap, snow cheese fried chicken, japchae, and their must-try Korean grill set.



Located in the Asiana Hotel on Salahuddin Street, Sonamu offers a premium Korean dining experience under the expertise of executive chef James Kang. With ultra-modern yet classic décor, Sonamu is perfect for corporate executives, families, and individuals seeking a cosy, relaxing place to socialise. The menu features authentic Korean dishes, including set meals, salads, pancakes, meat and seafood grills, noodles, and more. Some of their highlights include kimchi hotpot, seafood bean paste hotpot, and bibimbap. 


Koryo Korean BBQ

Enjoy a guilt-free fast food experience with a wholesome Korean twist at Koryo Korean BBQ, located in Mall Of The Emirates Food Court, Al Barsha. Combining Korean vegetables and barbecue delights, the menu at Koryo Korean BBQ offers well-curated combos perfect for on-the-go dining. Don't miss the bibimbap, a delicious mix of vegetables topped with a fried egg. Seafood lovers can try the barbecue salmon bowl.


Located in Dubai Media City and Al Ghurair Centre, Shogun is a beloved Korean bistro and barbecue spot, perfect for hotpot and other authentic dishes. Offering authentic Korean barbecue experience and rich Korean flavours, you can enjoy favourites like wagyu bibim naengmyun, Korean bento, kimchi jeon,  yangnyum chicken and bulgogi jeongsik.



Located on the lobby level of Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, Sumibiya is an interactive Korean restaurant known for its yakiniku-style barbecue. As one of the first of its kind in Dubai, it offers a unique dining experience where guests can grill seafood, meat, and vegetables at their tables. With semi-private booths and open tables, Sumibiya's warm lighting creates an inviting atmosphere. It's perfect for newcomers to Korean cuisine, offering diners to enjoy various dishes in a lively setting.


Hanok The Korean Restaurant

Hanok The Korean Restaurant, by Manna Land, has been offering the finest Korean cuisine for over 17 years, prepared by traditional Korean chefs. Located in Indigo Spectrum 1, International City, Hanok The Korean Restaurant allows you to celebrate authentic Korean flavours with dishes that reflect royal cuisine and the balance of Yin and Yang. In a contemporary and intimate setting, enjoy a variety of dishes such as galbi gui grill, dak galbi, yachae bulgogi, kimchi jjigae, saewoo tangsuyuk and more. From street-style Korean prawns to Korean pickle pancakes with seafood, there's something for everyone at Hanok The Korean Restaurant. 


Seoul Garden 

Located at Zomorodah Building, Al Karama, Seoul Garden offers an authentic Korean dining experience in Dubai. Known as one of the city's oldest and original Korean restaurants, Seoul Garden provides a homelike atmosphere reminiscent of a Korean family's dining room. At Seoul Garden, you must try, kimchi pancake, smoked duck, soft tofu stew, noodles, and various meat hot pots, all served with built-in table-side grills for a fun barbecue experience. 


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