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CONNECTOR.AE 3 Welcome The summer holidays have been and gone, the children are back at school, most of us are back at work, and normal service has resumed ... but has it? Those who have been here long enough know that the last few months of the year in the UAE are typically some of the busiest, and September starts that busy period off with a bang, A month full of events from stand up comedy to live concerts, and amazing ballet performances of Swan Lake. Check out pages 7 to 14 for a detailed round up of what is on, when and where, throughout the month. A highly popular sport among UAE residents is rugby, with a lot participating in local teams, and even more enjoying watching the international matches between different nations, This month sees the start of the eagerly anticipated Rugby World Cup 2023, which this year is held in France. With 20 nations battling it out during the 40 day tournament, there are plenty of exciting games ot watch. Take a look on pages 30 to 34 at some of the places around Dubai, with special offers and promotions running during the tournament. It is all too easy to amass extra items around the home, whether clothes that haven’t been worn for ages, or gadgets that have long been replaced with latest models. Additional things lead to unusable space and unnecessary clutter. Turn to pages 54 to 57 to see our guide to decluttering, and free up some space to enjoy your home more. That’s not all, there is a lot more inside this issue, so relax and enjoy reading it all as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together. Have a great month and enjoy the issue. Chris Nicolaides Concord Tower, PO Box 126732, Dubai Media City, Dubai, 04 454 9826, Contents of this publication are copyright. No material may be reproduced without written permission. Notice and disclaimer. The material used in this publication is intended to be used for informational purposes only. A sincere effort has been made to report accurate information. However, one or more recognised authorities in health and nutrition may hold different views than those reported therein, and the reader is so advised. This publication is not meant to be an endorsement of any specific product or services offered. Nicole Pereira Vishakha Ramchandani Welcome V T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E P R E S E N T S T I C K E T S : 2 2 5 A E D S E A T E D G R A N D S T A N D 2 5 0 A E D G R O U N D S T A N D I N G D O O R S O P E N 7 P M S H O W S T A R T S 9 . 0 0 P M O V E R 2 1 ’ S O N L Y W W W . T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E . C O M @ T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E D U B A I W W W . 8 0 0 T I C K E T S . C O M F R I D A Y 1 3 T H O C T 2 0 2 3 A T D U B A I D U T Y F R E E T E N N I S S T A D I U M THE BOYS ARE BACK I N TOWN ! ONE NIGHT ONLY TO SEE ALL YOUR FAVOURITE BOY BANDS WITH 26 NUMBER ONE HITS! BLUE BOYZLIFE FIVE

CONNECTOR.AE 5 Day In The Life: Dr Abdulla Al Rahoomi Transform The House Into A Clutter-Free Space! 54 Explore Ras Al Khaimah!t Ten To Try: Afternoon Tea 58 23 Add More Sole To Your Collection With These Products! 52 Contents 7 Monthly Events Enjoy Watching A1 And 911 Perform This Month! Relish In Delicious Flavours From South America! How To Find The Right Nursery For Your Child Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup Kai Enzo: Terrific Japanese Flavours To Enjoy Caroline Leon: Scaling The Seven Volcanic Summits In The World Workouts To Stay Fit While Having Fun A round up of all the major events this September 15 16 35 30 22 62 50 16 46 15 46 Welcome Show starts at 8:30pm featuring: Jack Gleadow, DANE BAPTISTE & Karen Rontowski september 15-23 The ‘Sweety Darling’ tour

CONNECTOR.AE 7 Out And About Though the summer break is over, there are still so many ways to make the most of the time in the UAE. From concerts to comedy shows, Connector has listed some of the brilliant events taking place to make the month of September one to remember. Gamers, this is the perfect chance to explore and experience gaming in a unique way. The Yas Gaming Festival in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, will continue to offer the latest games on PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Gaming enthusiasts can also enjoy going back in time at the Retro Arcade or experiencing a thrill at the Formula 1 Simulator. OUT & ABOUT There is never an end to all the different things people can enjoy in the UAE, with an incredible lineup of events and activations happening regularly. Dubai Sports World Till 10 September Yas Gaming Festival Till 10 September Enjoy an amazing indoor sporting experience in Dubai at the multi-purpose sporting venue with Dubai Sports World at Dubai World Trade Centre, in Za’abeel Halls 3 to 6. Visitors can play a range of sports from badminton, padel tennis and cricket at over 40 courts and pitches, as well as participate in a range of fun group classes. 1 2 V T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E P R E S E N T S T I C K E T S : 1 7 5 A E D D O O R S O P E N 6 P M S H O W S T A R T S 7 P M O V E R 2 1 ’ S O N L Y W W W . T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E . C O M @ T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E D U B A I W W W . 8 0 0 T I C K E T S . C O M S A T U R D A Y 4 T H N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 3 A T T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E LOADED F T . D J A N D Y B U C H A N TOP S T E R E O D O D G Y LOV I N CRIMINALS MC’S FUN L O A D E R 4 L I V E B A N D S P R E F O R M I N G T H E I R B I G G E S T H I T S

CONNECTOR.AE 8 CONNECTOR.AE 9 Out And About Out And About Joanne McNally Farhan Akhtar Beat The Heat with Massar Egbari and Disco Misr Davido 1 September 3 July 2 September Fans can enjoy a spectacular concert by Bollywood actor and singer Farhan Akhtar this month in Dubai. The one-day-only concert on 1 September at Coca-Cola Arena, will see the artist perform hits including ‘Socha Hai’, ‘Sinbad The Sailor’, ‘Rock On!!’ and ‘Tum Ho Toh’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 150. Enjoy two electric performances by Massar Egbari and Disco Misr at The Agenda in Dubai Media City on 1 September. Massar Egbari will impress the crowds with soulful lyrics and a fusion of rock, pop, and Egyptian folk sounds. Performing alongside Massar Egbari is Disco Misr, who will take concertgoers back to the disco era, with amazing beats. Ticket prices start at Dhs 160. American Afropop artist Davido is making his way to Dubai for a one-night-only concert, that will have people grooving to the music. Held at Coca-Cola Arena as part of the ‘Timeless’ tour, Davido is popular for the 2022 World Cup soundtrack, ‘Hayya Hayya’, and will be joined by other artists including Focalistic, Lojay, Ckay, Victony, Oxlade, Bella Shmurda, King Promise, Musa Keys, Logos, Morravey, and TxC. Ticket prices start at Dhs 175. 2 September The hilarious Irish comedian Joanne McNally is set to perform in Dubai at The Agenda, Dubai Media City on 2 September. The stand-up artist has been making a name for herself by starring in podcasts, television shows and documentaries, and will definitely have the audience falling off the edge of their seats with laughter. Ticket prices start at Dhs 195. Jah Khahib 3 September The multi-award-winning singer and songwriter, Jah Khalib is coming to Dubai to impress the crowds, with an amazing set. The artist incorporates tunes from Central Asia, to create distinctive and unique music with hits like ‘Leila’, ‘Mamasita’ and ‘Medina’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 195. Asha Bhosle 8 September The popular Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle is making her way to Dubai, to mark her 90th birthday. The concert will be held on 8 September at Coca-Cola Arena, where fans can enjoy listening to tunes spanning over eight decades including ‘Dil Cheez Kya Hai’, ‘Radha Na Kaise Na Jale’ and ‘Nahin Nahin Abhi Nahin’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 190. 3 5 6 7 8 4

CONNECTOR.AE 10 CONNECTOR.AE 11 Out And About Out And About Swan Lake Amr Diab Live Indie Vibes 8 to 10 September 9 September 9 September Delight in watching a stunning ballet performance this month at Dubai Opera for three days. Running from 8 to 10 September, the show by Hungarian National Ballet will revolve around the story of a prince who falls in love with a maiden, who has been enchanted to take the form of a swan. Ticket prices start at Dhs 300. Egyptian singer Amr Diab and one of the best-selling artists in the Middle East, is coming to Abu Dhabi to perform a brilliant set. The artist has been in the music industry since 1984, and fans can enjoy listening to hits including ‘Wayah’, ‘Al Leila’, ‘Ana Ayesh’ and ‘Gamalo’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 195. Coca-Cola Arena is bringing four amazing Indian artists to Dubai, notable for their hits from the early 2000s. The lineup will feature Jay Sean, RDB, Raghav and Juggy D, with hits like ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘Sohniye’ and ‘Aja Mahi’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 195. 9 10 11 Rosie Holt Live 9 September British comedian Rosie Holt is making her way to Dubai for a hilarious performance at Theatre by QE2. The artist has held standup sets at Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and 2018, and also appeared in BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Museum of Curiosity’ in 2023. The show is sure to be one that will have people laughing with joy. Prices start at Dhs 150. Fantastic 4 Indian Idol Live 9 September The popular Indian singing show, ‘Indian Idol’ is making its way to Dubai for a one-of-akind show. The top four finalists of season 13, Rishi Singh, Deboshmita Roy, Chirag Kotwal and Bidipta Chakraborty, will perform at The Agenda in Dubai Media City. Ticket prices start at Dhs 90. Madama Butterfly 12 and 13 September Hungarian State Opera is set to put on a stunning performance at Dubai Opera. Held over two days on 12 and 13 September, the show will tell the tale of an American naval officer who gets married to a young woman and ignores the warning signs of his ulterior motives. When betrayed, she decides to take charge and pave the way for her life. Ticket prices start at Dhs 375. 12 13 14

CONNECTOR.AE 12 CONNECTOR.AE 13 Out And About Out And About Seafret Kids Choice Awards Abu Dhabi Peppa Pig’s Adventure 15 September 16 September 16 and 17 September The iconic British pop duo Seafret, with members Jack Sedman and Harry Draper, is coming to Dubai for a one-night-only concert. Held on 15 September at Dubai Opera, the group was formed in 2011, and will perform songs that represent the journey of the duo from heartbreak to loss. Ticket prices start at Dhs 230. The exciting second edition of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi will be held this month at Etihad Arena. Fans that have voted can enjoy cheering for their favourites in 16 categories from favourite actor, favourite gamer and favourite international artist, as they bag the amazing trophy. Ticket prices start at Dhs 69. The popular children’s television show, Peppa Pig, is coming to Dubai for a series of entertaining live shows. The story revolves around Peppa Pig as she goes on a camping trip to the woods to explore, along with her brother and friends. Ticket prices start at Dhs 125. 16 17 15 Space Spectacular 22 September Go on a journey to explore space and time, with an amazing performance by the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Inglis. The show at Dubai Opera will feature classic pieces and music from space-themed movies, along with captivating visual effects. Enjoy listening to tunes from ‘Star Wars’, ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 295. Hans Vs. Williams 23 September Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, led by Anthony Inglis, are set to perform a brilliant showcase with the works of iconic film composers, Hans Zimmer and John Williams. The orchestra will play hits from Hans Zimmer’s scores in ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’, and classics from music produced by John Williams including ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Harry Potter’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 295. Modi Al Shamrani and Miami Band 23 September Delight in watching a spectacular show by two iconic artists in the Arab world at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on 23 September. Performing will be Saudi artist Moudi Al Shamrani, popular for her unique voice that has been making waves in the music industry over the past few years. The concert will also feature Miami Band, with members Tariq Qassem Muhammad, Khaled Abdul Jalil Al Randi, Laila Muhammad and Mishall Saleh Laili, who have been in the industry since 1991, and is sure to be a concert to remember. Ticket prices start at Dhs 195. 18 20 19

CONNECTOR.AE 14 CONNECTOR.AE 15 Out And About Out And About The ‘Throwback Boyband’ concert will be held on 22 September at The Agenda, Dubai Media City. Fans can enjoy singing and dancing to the tunes from two iconic boybands, A1 and 911. The four-member British Norweigian boyband A1, consisting of Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigsten and Paul Marazzi, is set to make it a night to remember with their performance. The group was formed in 1998, and their debut single ‘Be The First to Believe’, placed number six on the UK Singles Chart. A1 went on a break in 2002, before coming back as a trio without Paul Marazzi in 2009, who rejoined the group in 2017 during their 20th anniversary tour. The band is known for their popular hits including ‘Here We Come’, ‘Take On Me’, ‘Same Old Brand New You’, ‘Like A Rose’, and ‘Make It Good’. 911, the three-member pop boyband of Jimmy Constable, Spike Dawnbarn and Lee Brennan, will also entertain the crowds with a brilliant set. Formed in Glasglow, Scotland in 1995, the group released their first-ever single ‘Night To Remember’ in 1996, with their debut album ‘The Journey’ released in 1997. In the first five years as a band, 911 released 10 UK top ten singles. The group went on a break in 1999, and reunited as a trio in 2013, where they embarked on an arena tour around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fans can enjoy singing along to chart-topping hits including ‘More Than A Woman’, ‘The Journey’, ‘All I Want Is You’, and ‘The Day We Find Love’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 100 and are now available on Enjoy Watching A1 And 911 Perform This Month! Looking for an amazing concert that is sure to make people reminisce about music from the 90s? Mark the date in the calendar, andenjoya spectacular performance in Dubai from two popular boybands. Kapil Sharma Live Vir Das Live Gilberto Gil Live 24 September 28 September 29 September Indian comedian, actor and television host Kapil Sharma is bringing his one-of-a-kind comedy show to Dubai at Coca-Cola Arena on 24 September. The comedian has been in the comedy circuit since 2007, after winning the comedy reality television show, ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’. Ticket prices start at Dhs 98. The hilarious Indian actor and comedian Vir Das, is making his way to Dubai this month for a one-day event. Held on 28 September at Dubai Opera, the comedian will be performing as part of his ‘Mind Fool’ tour. Vir Das was also nominated for an Emmy under ‘Best Comedy’ for his Netflix special, ‘Vir Das: For India’ in 2021. Ticket prices start at Dhs 195. Brazilian singer and songwriter Gilberto Gil, is set to perform at Dubai Opera. The one-day-only concert will mark the artist’s 60-year-long career in the music industry, as well as commemorate 50 years of touring, which began in 1971. Fans can sing along to songs like ‘Aquele Abraço’, ‘Andar com Fé’, and ‘Toda Menina Baiana’. Prices start at Dhs 330. 21 22 23

CONNECTOR.AE 16 CONNECTOR.AE 17 Dining Around Dining Around Relish In Delicious Flavours From South America! The UAE has a plethora of restaurants, each offering a wonderful dining experience, where diners can enjoy a variety of cuisines and take their palettes on a journey, without having to travel. When exploring the flavours and tastes in the UAE, one to definitely try out is South American cuisine, also referred to as Latin American cuisine. The term Latin America was coined in the 19th century for regions in the Americas that were ruled by Spanish, French and Portuguese empires, and consists of 20 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela. With each country being home to their own cultures and traditions, there are many variations of traditional dishes from these places like ceviche which is made out of raw fish or shrimp marinated in citrus flavours, and empanadas that are baked or fried pastry pockets commonly made with fillings of meat. While out and about in the UAE and looking for delicious food to transport people to countries in Latin America, Connector is here with some brilliant suggestions. Santé Ria at The First Collection, JVC is a great place to enjoy South American flavours, at their finest. With stunning graffiti walls, the colourful venue is also home to live entertainment, to keep guests tapping their feet to the music. Savour in dishes including smoked guacamole, Mexican beef tacos, coconut ceviche, vegetarian empanadas, churros and chocolate tacos. 04-2756630 Looking for a restaurant that serves a modern take on Latino and Iberian cuisine? La Niña Dubai at DIFC is the place to visit. The restaurant is decorated with high ceilings and stunning tiles on the walls. With a sharing style menu, diners can delight in mouthwatering dishes including taco de la niña which is a cured Wagyu beef taco, roasted salmon, marinated lamb chops, coca de trufa which is flatbread topped with cheese and truffle, and grilled eggplant. 04-3951300 Puerto 99 at B l u e w a t e r s Island and DIFC, is a great place to enjoy tasty authentic Mexican food, that will have visitors coming back for more. The restaurant serves a delicious seafood and steak menu with dishes including Mexican street corn, guacamole, dynamite cauliflower, spicy tuna tostada, cream spider crab and lamb shank. 04-5576627 En Fuego at Atlantis The Palm is a great place to enjoy vibes from Latin America in Dubai. The restaurant has live dancers putting on brilliant performances, as well as a DJ playing Latin beats to keep guests dancing. The venue serves delicious dishes including fajitas, beef burritos, nachos, chicken empanadas, chicken quesadillas and tres leches. Santé Ria The First Collection JVC La Niña Dubai DIFC Puerto 99 Bluewaters Island and DIFC En Fuego Atlantis The Palm

CONNECTOR.AE 18 CONNECTOR.AE 19 Dining Around Dining Around Toro Toro at Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina, is a great place to enjoy delicious Pan-Latin cuisine, from Peru to Brazil. The restaurant has captivating interiors with dark walls, palm leaves and tribal patterns. While at the restaurant, tuck into tasty dishes including Chilean sea bass, grilled octopus, lomo saltado empanadas that are pastries with beef tenderloin stuffing, soft shell crab tacos, and Toro Toro tres leches, which is a passion fruit sorbet with whipped mango and red currants. To entertain guests, live performances from Samba dancers, decked out in carnival gear is also held. 04-3176000 Hotel Cartagena at JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay, is a great place to explore Latin American flavours, with a backstory. The restaurant is inspired by Mrs Buendia’s father, who travelled through Latin America, collecting memorabilia and keepsakes, and has since become a place to relax with friends and loved ones. Relish in dishes like mushroom truffle empanada, bao cubano which is a pulled lamb and beef sandwich, guacamole and chips, Puerto Rican braised short ribs, and pulled lamb tacos. 04-3509287 Clay Dubai at Bluewaters Island, is an amazing place to enjoy a fusion of South American and Asian flavours. The restaurant serves Nikkei cuisine, which is a fusion of the tastes from Japan and Peru, and has a delicious menu featuring dishes like cebiche platter, soft shell crab bao, taco de maguro which is a tortilla stuffed with bluefish tuna, Andean short ribs, Chilean sea bass, churros and yuzu cheesecake. The venue also features a unique ambience, with the decor inspired by South American colours and Japanese black timber. Asado Restaurant at Palace Downtown, Downtown Dubai, is a brilliant place to enjoy the tastes of Argentina. The main highlight of the restaurant is the parrilla, where various cuts of meat are prepared on an open wood fire grill, a popular style of cooking in Argentinian cuisine. Savour in dishes including quinoa salad, vegan chorizo, homemade artichoke ragu stuffed ravioli, Argentian mix grill and fondant de chocolate. Uno Mas at Centara Mirage Beach Resort, Dubai Islands, is a brilliant restaurant to enjoy Argentinian food at its best. The venue serves amazing charcoal grills and dishes to tantalise the tastebuds including tuna ceviche, prawn in garlic tapas, portobello burger, Argentinian steak salad, black tiger prawns, grilled lamb rack, churros and tarta de chocolate. Relish in the tastes of Latin American cuisine at Esco-Bar at Radisson Beach Resort, Palm Jumeirah West Beach. Take in the views of West Palm Beach at the restaurant decked out in green and earthy tones, inspired by the Amazon rainforest. The venue offers a spin on Latin American and Texas flavours, and diners can enjoy dishes including beef mushroom, tomato tortilla, tacos de carna, salmon ceviche, shrimp fajitas and grilled prime beef tenderloin steak. 056-4447575 Tamoka at JBR is a lovely place to enjoy delicious fusion flavours from Caribbean and Latin American cuisines, while taking in the views from the beach. The restaurant offers a variety of entertainment, from live music and DJs playing captivating tunes. Specialising in ceviche, seafood and meat, all served with a contemporary twist, diners can savour in dishes like chickpea flatbread, skewed beef tenderloin, charred leeks, salmon ceviche, craw lobster and Venezuelan chocolate tacos. 04-3186099 Toro Toro Grosvenor House Uno Mas Centara Mirage Beach Resort Tamoka JBR Asado Restaurant Asado Restaurant Esco-Bar Radisson Beach Resort Hotel Cartagena JW Marriott Marquis Clay Dubai Bluewaters Island

CONNECTOR.AE 20 CONNECTOR.AE 21 Dining Around Dining Around Cactus Jacks Latino Restaurant at Millennium Airport Hotel, Al Garhoud, is the spot to enjoy tasty Mexican food and late-night fiestas daily, where the party never stops. The venue has an outdoor area, great to dine at during the cooler months, and live entertainment to make the most of the time spent at the restaurant. Tuck into mouthwatering dishes including chilli con carne, picante crab quesadillas, san remo beef burrito, tex mex mix grill, steak diablo, ensalada de fajita and nachos de chocolate. 04-7028855 Muchachas Mexican Cantina at Holiday Inn Express, Al Safa, is an amazing place to delight in Mexican cuisine, with a modern touch. The restaurant has a colourful and energetic vibe, perfect to get those perfect Instagram pictures. Savour in dishes including salmon ceviche, charcoal octopus, beef nachos, birria quesadilla, mango habanero wings, vegetable enchilada which is a corn tortilla with vegetable filling, and tuna toastada. 04-3275878 Burro Blanco in Business Bay and Motor City, is the place to check out for tasty Mexican street food in Dubai. Diners can relish in burritos, bowls and tacos including avocado fritas, chips and salsa, Mexican street corn, taquitos, quesadilla and trio tacos. Fogueira Restaurant and Lounge at Delta Hotels by Marriott Jumeirah Beach, is an amazing place to visit for an all-you-caneat experience. The venue serves an authentic Brazilian churrasco, where a variety of meat options are cooked on skewers over an open flame and served to diners. Apart from the churrasco offer, guests can tuck into dishes including Peruvian ceviche, beef empanadas, chicken tacos and chilli con carne nachos. 050-1896214 Amazónico Dubai in DIFC is a lovely place to visit, when looking for a place with stunning interiors and delicious food. The venue is inspired by the Amazon rainforest, with captivating foliage and culture from the Asian and Mediterranean people residing there. The restaurant has an indoor dining area, and a rooftop option, perfect for cooler months. Delight in an expansive menu with dishes like guacamole with sea urchin, Brazilian-style grilled rump steak, squid marinated in panka chilli, and chimichurri marinated skirt steak. 04-5713999 For diners that are looking to enjoy delicious flavours from Brazil, Fogo De Chao at DIFC is the place to visit. The Brazilian steak house is popular for its churrascaria experience, where premium cuts of meat are grilled on an open fire. The restaurant has an open kitchen and guests can enjoy watching Chefs in action, and is also home to a market table, where stews, salads and soups are served. Delight in dishes including beef ribs, fogo feijoada which is a traditional black bean stew served with rice, Chilean sea bass, and tres leches cake, a vanilla sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk. 04-3438867 Loca Restaurant and Bar at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Jumeirah, is a brilliant place to enjoy authentic Latin American flavours. With a contemporary setting and a brick wall design, the restaurant specialises in bringing Mexican flavours to Dubai. Tuck into a variety of traditional dishes including doradas de queso asadero which are blue corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, nachos with guacamole, chicken chorizo omelette, beef fillet fajitas, chicken quesadillas, and carne asada burritos made with grilled beef tenderloin. 04-3461111 Amazónico Dubai DIFC Cactus Jacks Latino Restaurant Millennium Airport Hotel Muchachas Mexican Cantina Holiday Inn Express Burro Blanco Business Bay and Motor City Fogueira Restaurant and Lounge Delta Hotels by Marriott Jumeirah Beach Fogo De Chao DIFC Loca Restaurant and Bar Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa

CONNECTOR.AE 22 CONNECTOR.AE 23 Dining Around Dining Around One of these new openings is, Kai Enzo at Hyatt Centric Jumeirah, La Mer North, a great place to visit when looking for somewhere to dine with friends, and tuck into a tasty meal. The restaurant has a minimalistic vibe and a friendly ambience, enhanced by the hospitality of the staff, that cater to every need while dining. Serving amazing Japanese flavours, the choices are endless, and we started the meal with refreshing drinks to beat the humidity. Wanting to try everything fromthemenu, the restaurant assisted by serving some of the bestsellers, based on the Chef’s recommendations. Starting out with sushi, a Kai Enzo: Terrific Japanese Flavours To Enjoy Dubai is home to so many restaurants to dine at, and with new openings happening regularly, there is never a shortage of cuisines to take the palette on a world tour, without leaving the city. platter with three different kinds was served including prawn tempura maki, California rolls and negitoro maki. The prawn tempura maki stood out, and was the perfect balance of flavour, with the avocado adding the creaminess to the subtle crunch from the fried prawns. Next came the starters, which were definitely a highlight. The market fish karaage was deep fried to perfection and presented in an innovative way, that will have people admiring the dish before tucking in. The Wagyu beef gyoza was one of the best dishes, with the meat perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour and the chilli oil paste, adding an extra flair to the dish. The mains included lamb chops, tiger prawns, carrots with labneh and charred broccolini, which were filling and kept us going back in for more. The tiger prawns are a must-try, and the dish is served with kimchi butter and green harissa, adding to the perfectly balanced flavours. Dessert is any person with a sweet tooth’s dream, and the Japanese cheesecake did not disappoint. With its light, airy and fluffy texture, the dish was topped with caramel and vanilla anglaise and fresh berries, giving the dessert the right amount of sweetness along with the tartness from the berries. The average price for sushi, a starter, main and dessert is Dhs 320. Call 04-3021275 REVIEW Ten To Try: Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea is the perfect time to break the day up, and recharge and refuel with friends and loved ones. The concept of afternoon tea originated in the 19th century, after Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, England, started feeling hungry before dinner. To curb the hunger, the Duchess started having a pot of tea and light snacks in the evening, and the concept was popularised after inviting friends over. As the UAE is home to so many amazing places where people can explore their tastebuds, there are ample places that serve a decadent afternoon tea to enjoy. If looking for some spots to visit, Connector has listed ten to try.

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CONNECTOR.AE 26 CONNECTOR.AE 27 Dining Around Dining Around Tasty Peruvian Tiradito Al Aji Amarillo Recipe Tiradito al Aji Amarillo is a dish that captures the essence of Peru. Inspired by the coastal shores through the sea bass, and mildly spicy from the Aji Amarillo peppers, each mouthful is full of delicious Peruvian flavours. The dish highlights a variety of local ingredients from Peru, with the leche de tigre base, Aji Amarillo paste, along with red quinoa, roasted sweet potato, corn choclo and cured sea bass. This recipe by Chef Bruno Andres Donaires Salinas, Chef de Cuisine at Santè Ria Restaurant, is perfect to make for family get-togethers or while looking to enjoy a decadent meal at home. Ingredients: For Leche De Tigre Base: 70g Celery 10g Ginger 30g Red Onion 13g Garlic 200g Lime Juice 15g Salt 1g Black Pepper 120g White Fish 30g Coriander For Aji Amarillo Paste: 500g Aji Amarillo Peppers 40g White Onion 20g Celery For The Red Quinoa: 100g Red Quinoa For The Roasted Sweet Potato: 150g Sweet Potato 20g White Sugar 330ml Fanta 60ml Orange Juice 1 Piece Star Anise For Corn Choclo: 150g Corn Choclo 20g Sugar 1 Piece Star Anise 20ml Lime Juice For The Cured Sea Bass: 300g Sea Bass 200g Salt 20g Coriander 3g Habanero 30g Celery Recipe: To make the leche de tigre base: 1. Add celery, ginger, red onion, garlic, lime juice, cold water, salt, and black pepper into a blender, and blend till smooth. 2. Strain the mixture to remove any solids, and add the white fish and coriander to the strained liquid in the blender. 3. Blend for 30 seconds to get a smooth leche de tigre base. To make the Aji Amarillo paste: 1. Clean and remove the seeds from Aji Amarillo peppers, and boil the peppers in water for 30 minutes, changing the water every 15 minutes. 2. Sauté the boiled Aji Amarillo peppers, white onion, and celery in a pan. 3. Blend the sautéed mixture until smooth. 4. Allow it to cool down. To make the crispy quinoa: 1. Blanch the red quinoa until it is al dente, then drain and dry it. 2. Once completely dry, fry the quinoa, until crispy To make the roasted sweet potato: 1. Cut the sweet potato into cubes. 2. In a pot, combine Fanta, sugar, and orange juice. Dissolve the sugar and add the sweet potato. 3. Heat the mixture until the sweet potato is cooked. 4. Remove the sweet potato from the liquid and cool it in the refrigerator. 5. Use a torch to caramelise the top surface of the sweet potato cubes. To make the corn choclo: 1. Boil water in a pot, and add star anise, sugar, and corn choclo. 2. Cook the corn choclo until it is soft, for about 10 minutes. 3. Add lime juice and let the mixture cool to room temperature. To make the cured sea bass: 1. Mix salt, coriander, habanero and celery to create a curing mixture. 2. Coat the sea bass with the curing mixture, ensuring it is well-covered, and allow the sea bass to sit in it for 20 minutes. 3. Rinse the sea bass thoroughly to remove excess salt, pat the sea bass dry, and slice it into thin slices for serving. To assemble: 1. Arrange the cured sea bass slices on a plate, and drizzle the leche de tigre base over the sea bass. 2. Garnish with Aji Amarillo paste, crispy quinoa, roasted sweet potato cubes, corn choclo, sliced red onion, roasted avocado, habanero slices, and coriander leaves.

CONNECTOR.AE 28 CONNECTOR.AE 29 Dining Around Dining Around Chef ’s Corner: Bojan Cirjanic Chefs play a key role in any restaurant and help in creating a successful menu, serving mouthwatering dishes and catering to the needs of diners. Chef Bojan Cirjanic, Executive Chef at Folly, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, is a leading example of serving amazing food to all that visit the restaurant. Having started his culinary journey at the age of 19 years old, Chef Bojan Cirjanic has honed his passion and talents for cooking, and has worked at several MICHELIN-rated restaurants throughout his career, including Folly which received the Bib Gourmand for two consecutive years. Chef Bojan Cirjanic has brought his love for food to several countries, including his hometown in Serbia, the United Kingdom, before continuing his journey in the UAE. In this feature, Chef Bojan Cirjanic shares with Connector his earliest memory of cooking, to a dish he recommends while dining at Folly. How did you get started in the food industry? I started my culinary journey in Serbia, where I completed my culinary education before setting out for London at 19 years old to pursue a position at the renowned Ritz Hotel. This experience stood out as a pivotal moment in my career, sparking my trajectory towards success. After gaining valuable expertise, I returned to Serbia to pursue further studies in gastronomy. Commencing as a demi chef, I swiftly ascended the ranks, achieving the role of head chef within a few short years. Prior to relocating to Dubai a decade ago, I had the privilege of working at a range of MICHELIN-starred establishments across Europe. In 2013, I worked at Table 9 by Nick and Scott, subsequently becoming a founding member of the opening team at Folly, where I remained from 2016 to 2020. Rejoining the team as Executive Chef in 2021, I currently lead the kitchen with pride and am honoured to hold a Bib Gourmand designation by The MICHELIN Guide, and a one-toque distinction by Gault & Millau. What is your earliest cooking memory? One of my most cherished early recollections is when I successfully prepared a satisfying spaghetti bolognese entirely by myself. I was just 11 years old at the time, and this dish held a special place in my heart, as it was my favourite when I was growing up. What is your favourite dish from your country? ‘Sarma’ is a stuffing made from rice, blended meats, and spices, rolled within fermented white cabbage leaves, and then simmered slowly in rich sauce, along with smoked and dried meats. What is the one go-to and easy snack you love making for midnight cravings? Usually, I avoid having snacks at midnight. However, if I had to choose one, it would be mixed nuts. What is the one raw ingredient you cannot cook without from your country? The one raw ingredient from my country that I cannot cook without is tomato, as it complements a wide array of dishes superbly. Whether consumed fresh, incorporated into sauces, or preserved for the chillier winter seasons, it holds incredible versatility. What is the best dish to try at your restaurant? One of the most highly regarded dishes to try out at Folly is the crab. We serve flaky crab meat seasoned with crab emulsion, served with fresh radishes, cucumber gel and vinaigrette made from cucumber juice, lime leaves and galangal.

CONNECTOR.AE 30 CONNECTOR.AE 31 Dining Around Dining Around Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup The Rugby World Cup is set to run from 8 September to 20 October. Spanning over 40-days, the tournament is held every four years, with the 10th edition this year hosted in France. Matches will be held at nine venues around France, including Stade de France where the opening match and final will be played, Stade Vélodrome, OL Stadium, Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Stade de Bordeaux, Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Stade de Nice, Stade de la Beaujoire, and Stadium de Toulouse. The Rugby World Cup 2023 marks the third time France has hosted the games, which were previously held there in 2007 and 1991. This years Rugby World Cup will see 20 teams including Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Ireland, England and France compete along with current world champions South Africa, who won the tournament in Japan in 2019, beating England in the final. Watching matches unfold at the stadiums is a one-of-a-kind experience, but for fans that cannot make the trip and are still looking to catch all the action, bars around Dubai are the way to go to enjoy cheering on favourite teams along with other fans. If looking for where to watch the Rugby World Cup, Connector has listed some places that are sure to make the games, all the more thrilling. Spike Bar and Terrace at Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Hills 2, is bringing all the action for the Rugby World Cup. The venue has 16 screens around the restaurant and bar, as well as a large screen at the terrace where fans can watch the games live as they take place. While enjoying the matches, diners can delight in a special combo offer, with a sharing platter and three litres of hops, priced at Dhs 395. 04-4179842 McGettigan’s JLT at Cluster J, is a great place for fans to gather to cheer on their team during the Rugby World Cup 2023. The games will be streamed on large screens at the venue, where fans can enjoy happy hour deals from noon to 8pm, with a 30% discount on drinks. After the nail-biting matches, fans can relish in delicious dishes including fish cakes, buffalo chicken wrap, pan-roasted chicken breast, spaghetti bolognese and sticky toffee pudding. CLAW BBQ at Hilton Palm Jumeirah, is live streaming all the Rugby World Cup 2023 matches on projectors and 50 screens across the venue indoors, as well as at the outdoor terrace. Enjoy amazing deals on food and drinks, while watching the games with the sample platter including bites like chicken wings, mini corn dogs, buffalo shrimp, chicken strips, riblets and a spinach dip, along with a pint of hops, for Dhs 120. Additionally, fans can delight in a choice of burger and a pint of hops for Dhs 89. 04-2300054 La Baie Lounge at Ritz-Carlton Dubai in JBR, is bringing all the thrills of the Rugby World Cup 2023, where fans can watch all the games live-streamed on large screens. Visitors can also enjoy a dip in the pool to beat the heat, while catching the matches at the venue. Fans can tuck into a specially curated menu, with bar bites to drinks, and to add to the ambience, a DJ will play upbeat music to enhance the vibe during the tournament. McGettigan’s JLT La Baie Lounge Ritz-Carlton Dubai Spike Bar and Terrace Emirates Hills CLAW BBQ Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

CONNECTOR.AE 32 CONNECTOR.AE 33 Dining Around Dining Around Wavebreaker at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah is bringing a Beach Stadium for fans to enjoy watching the Rugby World Cup 2023. Multiple large screens will be placed around the venue to catch every second of the action. The venue has three zones, the first is called Wavebreaker Sunset Deck, and is set up for social groups and corporate events, featuring a large screen with a dedicated menu including chicken wings, empanadas and nachos. Wavebreaker Garden, the second zone will offer a relaxed setting at the beachfront lounge area, and the third zone Wavebreaker Deck, will have multiple large television screens, and a live barbeque station, where guests can relish in grilled meat. Fans can also delight in a selection of drinks and hops. Entry is free. 056-1882766 Mr Toad’s, with seven branches in Dubai in Al Jaddaf, Barsha Heights, Dragon Mart, Dubai Investments Park, Silicon Oasis, Dubai International Airport and Ibn Battuta Mall, is offering great deals to enjoy the Rugby World Cup 2023. Fans can watch the games live across multiple screens, as well as enjoy happy hour deals on drinks starting at Dhs 25. While watching the thrilling matches, fans can savour in a special snack menu with dishes like fish finger and chips, keema pav burger, chicken tikka skewers, chicken karaage and chicken parmigiana bites. Prices for a dish start at Dhs 30, or opt for a platter of four snack dishes for Dhs 109. Long’s Bar at Towers Rotana in Trade Centre 1, is set to stream all the matches for the Rugby World Cup 2023 across 20 screens. From 8 September to 28 October, fans watching the games will be in with a chance to win weekly prizes including hotel stays, bar tabs, and tickets to see the Dubai Rugby 7s. While watching the matches, guests can enjoy a variety of deals including happy hour during the games, and a hops bucket for Dhs 125. Additionally, on ordering from the ‘Breads & Buns’ menu with dishes like chicken fajita rolls, chicken quesadilla, vegan burger and Long’s Angus burger, fans can top off the meal with a pint of hops for only Dhs 20. 04-3122231 garden on 8 at Media One Hotel in Media City, will be livestreaming the Rugby World Cup 2023 matches. Visitors can also delight in a game day menu with the Garden signature burger, fries and popcorn, along with a pint of select hops, priced at Dhs 99. 052-1447438 Barasti Beach Bar at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Waterpark, is bringing all the excitement for the Rugby World Cup 2023. Watch the matches unfold on a big screen, and delight in happy hour from noon to 8pm, with prices starting at Dhs 20. Guests can also enjoy six pints of hops for the price of five drinks. Also, fans that show up in their team’s jersey will receive a pint of hops on the house. The venue will also host the ‘Guess the Score’ challenge, where visitors will get a round of drinks for the table, if they get the answer right. 04-3181313 Catch all the nail-biting RugbyWorld Cup 2023 games at Speakeasy Dubai at Delta Hotel by Marriott Jumeirah Beach. A large screen will be set up for all sports enthusiasts to catch every second of the matches. Fans can also make the most of a 25% discount on the total bill during the matches, and relish in delicious bites during the games including octopus salad, chicken strips, beef tacos, steak sandwiches, vegetable quesadillas, and fish and chips. 04-4398881 The Underground Pub at Habtoor Grand Resort, Dubai Marina, is streaming all the matches for the Rugby World Cup 2023 across multiple screens at the venue, where fans can cheer on their favourite team along with other rugby enthusiasts. To add to the excitement, throughout the eight weeks, visitors can win exciting prizes. On spending Dhs 100 at the venue, rugby fans will be in with a chance to win prizes including a Dubai helicopter tour, hot air balloon adventure, dinner in the sky, parasailing in JBR, a sunset yacht cruise, and zipline. 04-3995000 Wavebreaker Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Barasti Beach Bar Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Waterpark The Underground Pub Habtoor Grand Resort garden on 8 Media One Hotel Speakeasy Dubai Delta Hotel by Marriott Jumeirah Beach Mr Toad’s Premier Inn Hotels Long’s Bar Towers Rotana

CONNECTOR.AE 34 CONNECTOR.AE 35 Kids And Education Dining Around Nurseries are important, as it the first stepping stone in a child’s life, and make it easier for children to prepare for life at school. There are many aspects to look into for parents that are considering and planning to enrol their child in a nursery. Connector has asked nurseries around the UAE some questions to make the decision process easier. Why is it important to send my child to a nursery? Nurseries help in developing a child and provide a platform for children to explore their curiosity and creativity. The formative years in a child’s life are when they are able to learn the best, and the skills and knowledge learnt during this time, shape the way they perceive things. While at a nursery, they are taught how to interact with other children their age, receive guidance from teachers, communicate better, and learn how to be more independent while making decisions. Dr Vandana Gandhi, CEO and Founder of British Orchard Group in the UK and UAE said, “Sending a child to a nursery offers invaluable developmental benefits. Research proves that zero to 6 years old is the crucial age in a person’s life where brain development is at its highest. Qualified preschools foster social skills, aiding children How To Find The Right Nursery For Your Child Education plays a vital role in building knowledge and the overall development of life skills in students. As a child starts growing up, one of the main questions that crosses every parent’s mind is choosing a nursery that helps them learn through interactive activities. Watch all the thrilling Rugby World Cup matches on multiple screens placed around the bar at The Dubliner’s in Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre, Al Garhoud. Rugby fans can enjoy amazing deals including happy hours from 1pm to 8pm with drinks starting at Dhs 29, as well as tuck into a gourmet burger and fries with a pint of hops for Dhs 105. The Dubliner’s along with Asahi Super Dry, are also offering an amazing chance to win two tickets to watch the semi-finals and final game of the tournament in France. To be in with a chance to win, visitors need to download MyApp and enter their purchase of a pint or bottle from Asahi Super Dry. 04-7022455 Looking to cheer on a team during the Rugby World Cup 2023? Irish Village in Al Garhoud and Studio City, are the place to be. At the Al Garhoud branch, fans can watch the games from the outdoor and indoor areas. The Studio City branch will also feature large screens where fans can cheer their team on. While watching, visitors can relish in dishes like battered calamari, loaded chips with chicken curry and cheese, garlic bread, chicken fillet roll and grilled salmon. Guests can also make the most of amazing deals including happy hour during the games starting at Dhs 38, and roast promotions over the weekend. Catch all the Rugby World Cup 2023 matches at Icon Bar and Lounge at Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai Media City. The venue is home to 26 television screens, where fans can view the games from anywhere around the bar. Rugby enthusiasts can delight in all-day deals on select beverages for prices set at Dhs 35, and the drink of the day for Dhs 59, during the matches. Also while watching the games unfold, guests can snack on dishes including mozzarella sticks, jalapeno cheese balls, loaded nachos and a steak sandwich. The Dubliner’s Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre Irish Village Al Garhoud and Studio City Icon Bar and Lounge Radisson Blu Hotel

CONNECTOR.AE 36 CONNECTOR.AE 37 Kids And Education Kids And Education Damien Marshall, Vice Principal at Primo and Junior School at Bloom World Academy Early Excellency Centre said, “Try to meet with key staff including the nursery manager, asking questions such as, how do you professionally develop your teachers and assistants, what experience and qualifications do your teachers have, and how do you recruit your teachers.” Additionally, teachers at the nursery need to have a welcoming feel, to ensure the child is comfortable and able to grow. Another key aspect to consider is the staff-to-children ratio, where the number of children are assigned to one teacher. During formative years, children require more care and attention, and the nursery needs to provide the right amount of staff to ensure their child is taken care of. Roshi Tandon, CEO of Chubby Cheeks Nursery and Deira Private School added, “Staff should be qualified and trained in early-year education, child care and first aid. Do not hesitate to ask questions about staff qualifications, training, and very importantly, staff to children ratio. Whilst nurseries in the UAE are regulated to hire qualified staff, make sure there is a welcoming culture. Do the staff look happy, friendly and welcoming? Do they give you a listening ear and show empathy for your concerns? Do staff go down to the child’s level when talking to a child and speak in a gentle, reassuring voice? These are essential cues. Children need to feel safe and loved, check that the staff are able to respond to individual children’s needs, comfort and encourage them and keep them safe.” Inclusive learning: Nurseries are the first educational facilities that a child is enroled in. Here, children are taught important life skills on how to learn from challenges, and use them as a learning curb, to develop holistically. Lessons taught during these formative years, can be used throughout a child’s life to make better decisions in the future, as well as learn how to process their emotions. in learning to interact, share, and collaborate with peers. Trained teachers provide tailored guidance and stimulate curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in young children, promoting their emotional and intellectual growth which is highly crucial for holistic development. Additionally, nurturing independence and routine adaptation instil essential life skills.” When is the right time to enrol my child in a nursery? In the UAE, children can be enroled in a nursery, anytime from the time they turn 45 days old to four years old. The right time to enrol a child in a nursery entirely depends on the parents. For some, it can be due to busy schedules where they need to find care for their child while at work, and for others, it is to make their child more independent, and learn how to better interact with peers. Zulekha Khan, Nursery Manager at Dibber Al Barsha South said, “The appropriate age to enrol a child in a nursery can vary based on cultural norms, country-specific regulations, including parent leave length and the child’s individual development. Children can start at nursery, as long as the setting and the educators come together to make every child feel valuable and become the best version of themselves.” What are some things to look out for when choosing a nursery? After deciding to send a child to nursery, finding the right one is key to ensuring they are able to thrive in the environment and develop in all aspects. Some of the things to consider are: Finding the right curriculum: Each child enroled at a nursery has varying interests and rates of development. The first thing to consider is if the nursery matches with the values of the family, and if they are able to provide the right care and nurturing to develop the child in various aspects. Zulekha Khan of Dibber Al Barsha South said, “It is essential to thoroughly assess the nursery’s curriculum and teaching approach to ensure it aligns with your child’s unique needs and your family’s values. The ideal nursery should foster cognitive, emotional, and physical development.” Additionally, as children enroled at nurseries are young, a curriculum that focuses on development through interactive activities and play, can help in expanding their creativity, learning how to share with other children, increasing their physical capabilities, and retaining their attention. Dr Vandana Gandhi of British Orchard Group added, “Opt for a qualified preschool that offers a balanced curriculum combining playbased learning and structured activities. A well-designed curriculum encourages social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, fostering creativity, problemsolving, and teamwork skills in children.” Enquire about the staff: As children at the nursery will be cared for by the staff, enquiring about their roles is essential in noting if the child will be able to thrive in the set environment. While visiting a nursery, try to meet with the teachers and see whether their qualifications and roles, match with the requirements of the child.