Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 46 CONNECTOR.AE 47 Health and Wellness Health and Wellness Workouts To Stay Fit While Having Fun Working out and staying active are some of the key topics that are regularly talked about in the UAE. As many people in the country live a sedentary lifestyle, where they do not get enough physical activity throughout the day, working out can play an integral role in maintaining a healthy balance in the day-to-day routine. Staying active and working out regularly has immense benefits on the body including managing a healthy weight, preventing and reducing health ailments, boosting energy levels, improving quality of sleep and strengthening the muscles in the body. Additionally, physical activity also contributes to lifting the mood, reducing stress and increasing memory power. Similar to finding the right hobbies that explore a person’s creativity, working out is not a one size fits all. Even though many people vouch for spending time at the gym and using machines and weights to get a good workout in, the process can seem drawn out and not as interesting to some. As some people prefer working out from the comfort of their homes and some need to either have a workout buddy or participate in group classes, there are so many options to cater to every interest level and need. For people that prefer low-intensity workouts, yoga is a great one to try out. Yoga helps enhance flexibility, reduce joint pain, improve blood circulation, help to lose weight and increase muscle strength. The workout option also strengthens the mind, by alleviating stress. There are ample resources available on YouTube or at fitness centres in the UAE to give the workout a try to test whether it caters to personal needs. This option is best done early in the morning or late in the evening, and only requires 20 to 30 minutes a day. Cycling is an amazing low-intensity workout, that develops all parts of the body, and also strengthens the core and muscles. With the UAE being home to a variety of cycling tracks with easy connectivity, people can either ride alone or with friends and take in the views of the area, while getting a workout in. For people that want to explore cycling as an option but do not want to buy all the gear required, spinning classes are a workout to look into, where upbeat songs are played and the trainer motivates people to increase and lower their pace, while on a stationary bike. People that love low-impact workouts can try Pilates, which uses controlled movements to enhance balance, core strength and add definition to the body. Similar to gymnastics, with Pilates, various equipment at fitness centres is used to do the workouts and focuses on breathing and posture, for overall health benefits. Pilates can also be done at home, with minimal equipment including a yoga mat and an area with sufficient space, as the workout can also be found online. For people that are looking for a variety of options to stay fit, Connector has listed some great alternatives to keep the body moving while also having a blast. YOGA CYCLING PILATES