Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 48 CONNECTOR.AE 49 Health and Wellness Health and Wellness Dancing is a brilliant option for people that are looking for a full-body workout that is also extremely fun, and focuses on adding muscle definition, maintaining and losing weight, and increasing coordination in the body. With so many dance forms available from hip-hop, salsa, jive and contemporary, there are many choices to explore something new. Another popular workout that builds on dancing and has been taking the world by storm is Zumba, where different dance movements are used to target various parts of the body. As the songs and dance styles can constantly be switched up, it is a brilliant way to get fit, while having a blast. For people that are starting their fitness journey or are looking for a low-effort workout, brisk walking and running are great choices to consider. Brisk walking is when quick steps are taken at a stretch, and it is an easy workout for people to build stamina and lose weight. Running is another alternative that helps get the heart pumping and increases blood flow. Due to its simplicity, no equipment is required and people that are constantly looking for a change of scenery, can make use of walking and running tracks at the beaches and parks to enjoy the view, while enjoying the workout. To make the workout more interesting, bring friends along to challenge each other to walk faster and increase the pace. BRISK WALKING /RUNNING DANCING /ZUMBA Individuals that love getting in the water can enjoy swimming as a great workout choice. The water sport relaxes the body, improves balance, posture and coordination, and is also an essential life skill, that can be learnt at any age. As there are multiple swimming strokes from backstroke, freestyle and butterfly stroke, the workout is an enjoyable process and there are ample opportunities to learn new styles, when in need of a change. People that have health issues and joint pain can also consider water aerobics, which uses strength training exercises in water. When submerged in water, only 20% of the body weight is felt, making it an easy workout for all ages to participate in. The importance of sports is widely known, as it helps in team building and is incorporated from an early age at schools. However, sports are not limited to a specific age group, and can be enjoyed by anyone that is either a professional athlete or an enthusiast looking to develop new skills. With a variety of options available from football, cricket, badminton and basketball, people can also opt for combat sports like boxing, karate and muy thai. By helping people get in shape, reducing stress, enhancing sleep patterns and also building connections, sports are a great option to consider to get a full body workout in while never getting tired of it, due to the multiple options available. SWIMMING SPORTS Working out and staying active has many health benefits, including maintaining and losing weight, reducing health risks and keeping the mind alert. With so many options available to do at home or at fitness centres around the UAE, finding the right workout, in the long run, can lead to a healthier and more productive life.