Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 56 CONNECTOR.AE 57 Lifestyle Lifestyle Tackle One Corner At A Time: When the motivation to declutter strikes, it is important to not start cleaning the whole house at once as it adds to the mess, and can lead to many people feeling demotivated to continue sorting things out. Instead, start by cleaning one area at a time in a particular room, and once completed, move on to another area. For example, while decluttering the bedroom, start with the cupboards and only once that is clean and everything has a place of its own, move on to the next area like the bedside drawers. By following this method of cleaning smaller areas, eventually, sorting out the bedroom will be complete, and can then move on to tackling smaller areas in the kitchen and living room. Ensure There Is Enough Time: As decluttering is a time-consuming process, make sure that enough time is carved out of the day, dedicated to making the space clutter-free. Cleaning the house all in one go and in a day is not feasible, as it is a tiresome activity. Additionally, decluttering should not be done in a hurry, for the sake of having an organised space. Sometimes when the process is rushed, it can lead to getting rid of items that are of use or keeping more than required and, over time, adds to the clutter. Make The Process Fun: Decluttering is not everyone’s cup of tea, and to many, is a task they want to finish as quickly as possible. To make the process fun, get family and friends involved, which can lead to interesting conversations about various items, and can also help in sorting out an area faster. Also play music to keep the energy up, and take breaks to have a little dance party, while trying on outfits, when unsure of whether to keep it or not. After the series of decluttering all the rooms, finding a spot for all items, and getting rid of things that are not needed, over time, it can get easier to fall back into the routine of adding more to the house, without having a designated place. Here are some ways to keep the house clean, after decluttering: Weekly cleanups: Decluttering is not an everyday task, however, maintaining the areas that have been sorted out requires effort. Every week, set aside some time to clean up the things that have been left behind, be it after a busy day when there was no motivation to clean, or after getting some retail therapy in. This helps to ensure the house is regularly clean, and items continue to reside in their designated spaces. Buy items that are essential: With the accessibility to shopping in-stores as well as online, and new innovative items released regularly to simplify everyday life, it is easy to get lost in wanting to make the house more tech-savvy and dynamic. However, more often than not, these items can get forgotten about after the initial few uses, and end up creating more clutter. Before buying a product, make sure that the item adds value to the house, and only then purchase the product. Decluttering is a rewarding process, that after completion gives the individual a sense of satisfaction, that everything in the house has a designated spot to reside in. As it is a long process with high rewards of a clean space, these tips from getting rid of things that have not been used to dedicating time, can add to the experience, and ensure the house remains clutter-free.