Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 16 CONNECTOR.AE 17 Dining Around Dining Around Relish In Delicious Flavours From South America! The UAE has a plethora of restaurants, each offering a wonderful dining experience, where diners can enjoy a variety of cuisines and take their palettes on a journey, without having to travel. When exploring the flavours and tastes in the UAE, one to definitely try out is South American cuisine, also referred to as Latin American cuisine. The term Latin America was coined in the 19th century for regions in the Americas that were ruled by Spanish, French and Portuguese empires, and consists of 20 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela. With each country being home to their own cultures and traditions, there are many variations of traditional dishes from these places like ceviche which is made out of raw fish or shrimp marinated in citrus flavours, and empanadas that are baked or fried pastry pockets commonly made with fillings of meat. While out and about in the UAE and looking for delicious food to transport people to countries in Latin America, Connector is here with some brilliant suggestions. Santé Ria at The First Collection, JVC is a great place to enjoy South American flavours, at their finest. With stunning graffiti walls, the colourful venue is also home to live entertainment, to keep guests tapping their feet to the music. Savour in dishes including smoked guacamole, Mexican beef tacos, coconut ceviche, vegetarian empanadas, churros and chocolate tacos. 04-2756630 Looking for a restaurant that serves a modern take on Latino and Iberian cuisine? La Niña Dubai at DIFC is the place to visit. The restaurant is decorated with high ceilings and stunning tiles on the walls. With a sharing style menu, diners can delight in mouthwatering dishes including taco de la niña which is a cured Wagyu beef taco, roasted salmon, marinated lamb chops, coca de trufa which is flatbread topped with cheese and truffle, and grilled eggplant. 04-3951300 Puerto 99 at B l u e w a t e r s Island and DIFC, is a great place to enjoy tasty authentic Mexican food, that will have visitors coming back for more. The restaurant serves a delicious seafood and steak menu with dishes including Mexican street corn, guacamole, dynamite cauliflower, spicy tuna tostada, cream spider crab and lamb shank. 04-5576627 En Fuego at Atlantis The Palm is a great place to enjoy vibes from Latin America in Dubai. The restaurant has live dancers putting on brilliant performances, as well as a DJ playing Latin beats to keep guests dancing. The venue serves delicious dishes including fajitas, beef burritos, nachos, chicken empanadas, chicken quesadillas and tres leches. Santé Ria The First Collection JVC La Niña Dubai DIFC Puerto 99 Bluewaters Island and DIFC En Fuego Atlantis The Palm