Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 22 CONNECTOR.AE 23 Dining Around Dining Around One of these new openings is, Kai Enzo at Hyatt Centric Jumeirah, La Mer North, a great place to visit when looking for somewhere to dine with friends, and tuck into a tasty meal. The restaurant has a minimalistic vibe and a friendly ambience, enhanced by the hospitality of the staff, that cater to every need while dining. Serving amazing Japanese flavours, the choices are endless, and we started the meal with refreshing drinks to beat the humidity. Wanting to try everything fromthemenu, the restaurant assisted by serving some of the bestsellers, based on the Chef’s recommendations. Starting out with sushi, a Kai Enzo: Terrific Japanese Flavours To Enjoy Dubai is home to so many restaurants to dine at, and with new openings happening regularly, there is never a shortage of cuisines to take the palette on a world tour, without leaving the city. platter with three different kinds was served including prawn tempura maki, California rolls and negitoro maki. The prawn tempura maki stood out, and was the perfect balance of flavour, with the avocado adding the creaminess to the subtle crunch from the fried prawns. Next came the starters, which were definitely a highlight. The market fish karaage was deep fried to perfection and presented in an innovative way, that will have people admiring the dish before tucking in. The Wagyu beef gyoza was one of the best dishes, with the meat perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour and the chilli oil paste, adding an extra flair to the dish. The mains included lamb chops, tiger prawns, carrots with labneh and charred broccolini, which were filling and kept us going back in for more. The tiger prawns are a must-try, and the dish is served with kimchi butter and green harissa, adding to the perfectly balanced flavours. Dessert is any person with a sweet tooth’s dream, and the Japanese cheesecake did not disappoint. With its light, airy and fluffy texture, the dish was topped with caramel and vanilla anglaise and fresh berries, giving the dessert the right amount of sweetness along with the tartness from the berries. The average price for sushi, a starter, main and dessert is Dhs 320. Call 04-3021275 REVIEW Ten To Try: Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea is the perfect time to break the day up, and recharge and refuel with friends and loved ones. The concept of afternoon tea originated in the 19th century, after Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, England, started feeling hungry before dinner. To curb the hunger, the Duchess started having a pot of tea and light snacks in the evening, and the concept was popularised after inviting friends over. As the UAE is home to so many amazing places where people can explore their tastebuds, there are ample places that serve a decadent afternoon tea to enjoy. If looking for some spots to visit, Connector has listed ten to try.