Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 40 CONNECTOR.AE 41 Kids And Education Kids And Education Meet The Teacher: Nastasha Van Staden One of the crucial aspects of the education system are the teachers. Responsible for educating students, helping them to reach their potential, and working towards growth in their skills, which can also be used later on throughout their lives. Nastasha Van Staden, Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher at Nibras International School, Dubai Investment Park, is a brilliant role model for striving to help her students start exploring their talents. Having been a teacher for 11 years, of which four years were spent teaching children in Dubai, Nastasha Van Staden loves working with students in elementary as they are full of life and are always excited to learn more. Nastasha Van Staden started her teaching journey in South Africa, by teaching children how to dance and after moving to Dubai, works as a Homeroom teacher, where she caters to the needs of children through classroom management, creating lesson plans and further developing skills in English. In this feature, Nastasha Van Staden shares her teaching journey with Connector and talks about her experiences at Nibras International School, to how she makes daily lessons interesting for her students. What inspired you to start teaching? When I left school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do or study. I was a dancer at school and my dance teacher asked me to start teaching at our dance studio. Dancing is my passion so I did not even think twice. She had given me the 5 to 6 year-olds to teach, which I did for a few months and before I knew it, I had studied for four years to become a teacher. How did you decide to teach your current subject? I enjoy teaching younger students and that is why I prefer teaching elementary. I do not just teach one subject, which is the joy of my job. Why do you love teaching? I love that every day is completely different. There are so many days that the students light up my face. I love seeing the progress from the first day those little humans walk into my classroom, to the day they leave. Especially with the younger ones that can not even write, when they leave my classroom, they can write sentences. Do you remember your favourite teacher from school? My favourite teacher from school was Ms Thompson, she was my primary school art teacher. No matter what day or time of the week, she would always make us laugh and have fun. She had so much energy and everybody loved her. How do you make everyday classes more interesting? I make classes more interesting by allowing pupils to collaborate with their peers and discover things themselves. I also try to make each lesson as different as possible, so they continue to be excited to learn. What is a unique part of the school? As an American curriculum school, Nibras International School values the relationships that exist between their students, teachers, and even parents. This is one of the things I find unique about our school. When we have events at the school, the entire community comes together, and everyone is always happy and having a good time. Our school is very diverse and the learners are all unique in their own way. What would you do if you were not a teacher? I would most probably be a marine biologist, as that is something I always wanted to do since I was a little girl. This is mainly because of my love for dolphins.