Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 66 Lifestyle While sharing her advice on how to overcome any challenge in life, Caroline Leon said, “Each of us is going to be challenged by life in a different way. For me, it was a physical challenge. I had physical trauma, and an injury that almost cost me my life. I have come to learn through my experience that there is an ability for all of us to transcend these problems and to see them as opportunities for growth and kind of to level up. The only way that we can really do that is by taking on the challenge whatever it is that comes to you, and I really believe that everybody has the ability to do that. The difficulties that come to us in life are really just a little bit of a blessing in disguise.” Caroline Leon completed climbing the seven volcanic summits around the world, and is currently waiting for approval to be a Guinness World Record holder. With high aims for the future, she plans on scaling Cho Oyo in Nepal in 2024, which is the sixthhighest mountain in the world. Throughout her journey, especially after her accident, Caroline Leon received an overwhelming amount of support from her community in Dubai. From visiting her in the hospital every night to buying a hospital bed for her home, a compression mattress and lots more, Caroline Leon said, “It is really interesting, the perception that people have of Dubai, that it is a very superficial place and is all glitz, glamour and money. When you have lived here for a long time and you have a really strong community of friends, you will be surprised how really truly caring people are.” Wanting to give back to the community, Caroline Leon started ‘A Life of Education’, which is an online platform that offers fitness and health courses. Wanting to make education all the more accessible and reasonable for all, people can register for a course and on completing it, will receive a certification, which is recognised in the UAE. 3>HS‡3gr‡} >g 3>HS‡3gr‡} >>g # - . /0124 56 01 7gH gH 3>HS‡3r‡} >>g 58 69 ##- . /01- :;<=?;‡@AB;CD<EAD‡FC;GFI;AF‡J<C‡KC;GLF‡ MGAM;C‡GL‡N;?‡GL‡L@COEO<CLP‡JGIE?E;L‡<J‡=;<=?;‡ GJ;MF;B‡KQ‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GAB‡L@=<CF;CLP‡ RGO;‡G?‡K;;A‡L;;A‡B<AAEAD‡=EAT‡CEKK<AL‡GAB‡ ?G=;?‡=EAL‡F<‡LR<N‡FR;EC‡L@==<CF‡GAB‡CGEL;‡ GNGC;A;LL‡<J‡FR;‡MG@L;U‡ V?FR<@DR‡FR;‡CEKK<A‡EL‡G‡=<=@?GC‡LQIK<?‡J<C‡ KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GNGC;A;LL‡LMC;;AEADL‡GAB‡ MGI=GEDALP‡IGAQ‡<J‡@L‡B<‡A<F‡TA<N‡EFL‡ < W C R ED ; E ‡ A CE L K U K<A‡NGL‡<CEDEAG??Q‡MC;GF;B‡EA‡XYYXP‡KQ‡ KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡L@COEO<C‡ZRGC?<FF;‡[G?;Q‡JC<I‡ ZG?EJ<CAEGP‡\]VU ^;F;CIEA;B‡F<‡CGEL;‡GNGC;A;LL‡GL‡G‡KC;GLF‡ MGAM;C‡L@COEO<CP‡ZRGC?<FF;‡K;DGA‡RGAB_IGT_ EAD‡=;GMR_M<?<@C;B‡CEKK<AL‡EA‡R;C‡BEAEAD‡ `aab‡cde‡fcdehdi‡jkl‡`hmmadn‡aop‡qhpf‡c‡ MGCB‡LGQEAD‡sWR;‡tGFE<AG?‡ZGAM;C‡uALFEF@F;vL‡ GAA@G?‡K@BD;F‡EL‡wXUxKAP‡<A?Q‡yz‡D<;L‡J<C‡ MGAM;C‡=C;O;AFE<AU‡[;?=‡@L‡NGT;‡@=‡?;DEL?G_ F<CL‡GAB‡VI;CEMG‡KQ‡N;GCEAD‡FREL‡CEKK<AUs {ƒ„|~‡†~€~€‡ {‡‚ ~ € ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡‡ ‡ !‡ ‡ ‡" $‡ ‡ ‡ % WR;‡CEK<AL‡NEFR‡FR;‡MGCBL‡N;C;‡RGAB;B‡<@F‡ GF‡L@=;CIGCT;FL‡GAB‡KQ‡NCEFEAD‡F<‡=C<IEA;AF‡ N<I;A‡EA‡G@FR<CEFQP‡EAM?@BEAD‡FR;‡&ECLF‡ 'GBE;L‡<J‡VI;CEMGP‡;AM<@CGDEAD‡GMM<@AFGKE?_ EFQ‡F<‡K;‡FGT;A‡F<‡R;?=‡=C;O;AF‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;CU‡ VL‡GNGC;A;LL‡DC;NP‡ZRGC?<FF;‡NGL‡GLT;B‡KQ‡ ];?J‡(GDG)EA;‡GAB‡*LF;;‡'G@B;C‡F<‡M<??GK<_ CGF;‡NEFR‡FR;IP‡R<N;O;CP‡LR;‡J;?F‡G‡M<??GK<CG_ FE<A‡N<@?B‡IGT;‡FR;‡MG@L;‡F<<‡M<II;CMEG?‡ GAB‡F@CA;B‡EF‡B<NAU VL‡=EAT‡EL‡@L@G??Q‡GLL<MEGF;B‡NEFR‡J;IEAEAEFQP‡ FR;‡M<I=GAE;L‡FR;A‡N;AF‡<A‡F<‡MC;GF;‡G‡=EAT‡ M<?<@C;B‡CEKK<AP‡NREMR‡EL‡A<N‡NEB;L=C;GB‡GL‡ FR;‡CEKK<A‡B;BEMGF;B‡F<‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GNGC;_ A ^ ; @ L C L EA U D‡+MF<K;CP‡EF‡EL‡D<<B‡F<‡C;I;IK;C‡ ZRGC?<FF;‡[G?;Q‡J<C‡FR;‡B;BEMGFE<A‡GAB‡;JJ<CF‡ =@F‡EAF<‡CGELEAD‡GNGC;A;LL‡<J‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;CP‡ GAB‡M<AFEA@EAD‡F<‡;AL@C;‡=;<=?;‡D;F‡ MR;MT_@=L‡GL‡N;??‡GL‡=;CJ<CI‡L;?J_;,GIEAG_ FE<ALU