Connector September 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 5 Day In The Life: Dr Abdulla Al Rahoomi Transform The House Into A Clutter-Free Space! 54 Explore Ras Al Khaimah!t Ten To Try: Afternoon Tea 58 23 Add More Sole To Your Collection With These Products! 52 Contents 7 Monthly Events Enjoy Watching A1 And 911 Perform This Month! Relish In Delicious Flavours From South America! How To Find The Right Nursery For Your Child Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup Kai Enzo: Terrific Japanese Flavours To Enjoy Caroline Leon: Scaling The Seven Volcanic Summits In The World Workouts To Stay Fit While Having Fun A round up of all the major events this September 15 16 35 30 22 62 50 16 46 15 46 Welcome Show starts at 8:30pm featuring: Jack Gleadow, DANE BAPTISTE & Karen Rontowski september 15-23 The ‘Sweety Darling’ tour