100 Per Cent Discount Scheme Is Back

Dubai Police Twitter

Dubai Police has announced that their 100% discount initiative launched last year will continue to benefit motorists in 2020 as well.

In February 2019, the Dubai Police launched an initiative to give discounts on traffic fines if motorists do not commit any violations for a certain period



As per the initiative, if motorists do not commit a violation for three months, they get a 25% discount, no violation for six months means a 50% discount, a nine-month violation-free drive will get motorists a 75% discount and a 100% discount if motorists do not commit any violations for a full year. 

In last one year, a total of 557,430 motorists have benefited from this scheme. Dubai Police gave a total discount of Dhs 546,970,930 collectively.

One Emirati housewife got her traffic fines amounting to Dhs 150,000 waived off as part of the Dubai Police traffic fines discount initiative.

Dubai Police has also recorded a decline in traffic deaths by 16% and a 38% decrease in major injuries. 


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