How to Choose the Right School for your Child

Choosing a school for your child will be one of the most daunting, exciting and important decisions you will ever make. The education opportunities both here and abroad are amazing but it can often be overwhelming when there are so many different options to choose from.

Our advice is to start thinking about your child’s education as early as possible so you will have time to review the options and do your research.

One of the most common queries is what age should ones child start school, in many countries children will only start school at rising 5 but here the pressure can be to start much earlier.

Make sure you don’t miss the registration deadlines. These can close as early as October before a September start the following year. For the schools with very limited places in the Early Years their deadlines are strict.

All schools will have some sort of admissions procedure and it is worth checking this out and, if you are applying from abroad, whether your child might be able to sit the assessment remotely.

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is which curriculum you would like your child to follow. Some curricula are more easily transferable and if you are an international family it is worth taking some time to consider this.

School fees can vary wildly and it is worth asking the school what their fee increase policy is and exploring scholarship opportunities.
We would always recommend a visit to the schools you are considering, it is such a personal decision. This is your choice for your child and every child is different.

Still confused? Gabbitas provide professional and impartial advice to ensure you can make confident choices about your child’s future.

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