Yoga For Kids

Yoga has become quite mainstream for adults in recent years, particularly in the UAE. Recently, Dubai has witnessed the launch of many yoga studios offering yoga practice in varied options and styles. However, have you considered passing this beneficial activity to your children growing up in a hurried world? Basic stretching, improved body awareness, a mind-body connection can bring a life-long change in your children’s life. This may be the best habit you can instil in your kids’ lifestyle. Let’s start with three basic yoga poses beneficial for kids.

Cat and cow poses - Any pose with an animals’ name is fun and playful for kids and it is, therefore, easy for you to get them on a mat to practice the poses. Once they get into the flow with the cat and cow pose, teach kids’ breathing techniques. Breathe in with each cow, and out with each cat.

Frog pose - This pose is not only a fun pose for kids, it’s also easy to practice and has many benefits such as it helps digestion, tones the legs, improves flexibility in the hip flexors, allows the lower back to release, and improves posture.

Turtle pose - Inspired by patient turtle, Turtle pose is great for kids who feel stressed and need time to focus and relax. This pose increases mental focus and stretches the arms, back and legs. This pose looks like a turtle moving back into its shell!

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