June 2018: Children Can Say The Funniest Things

We love the children in our lives, they bring us joy and happiness and everything they do, most of the time, makes us smile. Here at Connector we share some of your funny moments with your children and here is a round up of just some of the things you have told us your kids, who are all celebrating birthdays in June, have said to make you laugh. Happy birthday to them all!

Adele D'Souza
5 years old on 9 June
Amity International School

Funny moment: Adele did something naughty and my husband wanted to scold her but since she looks like me he couldn't and said thank God you look like your mother. Her quick comeback was "You look like your mother too", which my husband was left dumbfounded and me laughing loudly in the kitchen.


Daijon Ambriel Ranile
2 years old on 3 June

Funny moment: My 23 month old son automatically says "happy famiyeee" whenever we are having a group hug. It gives me a feeling of fulfilment that at an early age he already knows what a happy family looks like.

Adam Hussain
3 years old on 18 June
British Orchard Nursery

Funny moment: When Adam couldn’t open the powder bottle after his bath, he said “Mama you open”. I told him “Sometimes you need to use your head”, while pointing at my own head. He then started hitting his head with the bottle thinking it will open.

Aashana Humane
4 years old on 19 June

Funny moment: This year my child came home on the first day of school and excitedly exclaimed that the teacher was very nice and her name was Miss "Jelly Bean". Well, her name is Miss Geraldine.

Manshen Manoj Mathews
5 years old on 24 June
Our Own Indian School

Funny moment: When my son is naughty I use to frighten him saying I will inform your teacher. immediately he replies "My teacher is good and smiling and I did not see my teacher scolding any of my friends."

Have your children said something that has set you off in belly fulls of laughter and made your friends chuckle? If they have and they are celebrating a birthday in July, simply click here to fill in the form or email editorial@connector-dubai.com a picture and a few words on what it is they said that made you laugh, and we will publish the top ones next month. Include their age, date of birth and the school they go to. 

Congratulations to Adele D'Souza, who gets a family pass for 4 people value of Dhs 500 to Dreamland Aqua Park.

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