REVIEW: Lava Shell Massage Tao Spa

Located in The Mall, opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Tao Spa is a go to place for relaxing massages and other pampering services. The spa caters to both men and women and has two separate sections for them featuring a beauty lounge for grooming services and five massage rooms in each of the sections. The space is compact and cozy enough, but oozes with vibes of a luxury spa.

With a floor to ceiling glass door entrance, the spa interiors adorn earthy neutral tones with wooden accents.

Guests are requested to sit in a small lounge area near reception before a therapist appears with a tray of four small oil bottles on it, ofering the choice of four fragrances for the massages - cherry blossom for mood lifting, jasmine for soothing muscles, camila for relaxation and organic coconut for sensitive skin.

Once you choose a fragrance, the therapist takes you through the spa, which is dimly lit and plays soothing music, to the massage rooms which lie on both sides of a narrow alley which itself beautifully lined with lanterns and flowers.

Known for its range of massages from Thai to Swedish, Connector reviewed its 60 minute self-heating Lava Shell massage that soothes muscles and gives a deeper relaxation treatment.

The massage room looks sober and carries all essential elements of a composed space with meditative music, minimalistic decor, and enchanting fragrances. The spa has dedicated cupboards inside each room where you can keep all your valuables.

Before the massage begins, the therapist places a hot cushion on your neck and starts with a full body oil massage followed by gentle massage using Lava Shells.

Lava Shells are self-heating massage shells which provide heat that soothes the muscles, calms the mind and increases circulation. The continuous heat the shells emit enable the therapist to deliver a deeper, more relaxing treatment. The body feels the bliss and tranquility as the therapist glides the hot Lava Shells and the muscles start to relax and the enters a euphoric state. Priced at Dhs 435. Call 04-8845220.

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