REVIEW: Tea Tree Massage In The Lap Of Luxury

Tree Spa, located on the second floor of the luxury InterContinental Dubai Marina, sets distinct spa standards. Services here clearly resonate with opulence, royalty and subtleness.

The impressive service begins with a very warm welcome at the reception. The receptionist sat me down on a comfortable arm chair. While a therapist was explaining about the signature massage, a staff member served a refreshing cup of aromatic tea. The therapist had me fill a consultancy form before we ventured inside the spa facility. Once you push the wooden door to enter inside the spa, you experience a world of luxury and a vibe of resort life. The spa looks very spacious. It features multiple therapy rooms adorning elegant slider doors made of fine wood and glass. You walk a few steps and bamboo stick curtains in every corner catch your attention.

In the end, comes the relaxation lounge featuring a sitting area, stylish jacuzzi, a sauna room & a steam room. The spa has one couple massage room and one ladies massage room. In a separate section, there is one massage room for men only. After a quick facility tour, you would eagerly want to see the therapy room which will not disappoint you at all. The treatment room has modern furniture, is fitted with dimmed lighting and a massage bed in the centre.

We tried the signature Tea Tree Massage. It is a 60 minutes head to toe aromatic oil massage. The therapist will consult with if you want more focus on any body part.

The massage experience here is relaxing and rejuvenating. It starts with feet reflexology massage which pacifies your stress level quickly. The therapist is very well trained and knows the exact pressure points and adjusts the pressure from mild to medium as per each guest’s wish. The background music is very soothing and meditation chants reverberate in the room adding to the whole experience.

The aromatic session ends in the relaxation lounge as you take a quick dip in the jacuzzi and sip rose tea. Tea Tree Massage Price 
Dhs 435++. Call 04-4466777.

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