Happy 4th of July! Here Are Some Of America's Greatest Inventions

Happy 4th of July! Here Are Some Of America's Greatest Inventions

It’s the 4th of July and that means it’s a day to celebrate all things America! Whether it’s the microwave or ice pops, America is responsible for a number of wonderful things. Here’s a round up of the things we’re most grateful to America for!

1. Potato chips
Potato chips were actually invented in 1853 - before the lightbulb. Now that’s priorities!

2. Chocolate chip cookies
This speaks for itself. Thanks, America!

3. The compact disk
Not used so much anymore, us slightly more senior citizens are pretty grateful for these babies.

4. The PC
Where are you reading this from? Yep. America.

5. Mobile phone
Or are you using your phone? Because that’s still America.

6. The disposable diaper
Mums and dads from 1950 onwards, you’ve been blessed with these!

7. Frozen food
Whether you can invent frozen food is a bit up in the air. But the act of freezing food for preservation was first discovered in 1929. By who? Clarence Birdseye. Birdseye! (He also frozen an alligator, but that’s a different story.)

8. Dental floss
This handy contraption changed dental hygiene for the better in 1815. Plus, it’s a great accessory for the back of your cabinet that you pretend to use.

9. GPS
You know that lady inside your mobile phone that you yell at while you’re driving? American.


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