Dubai Hotels Reminded To Follow COVID-19 Guidelines Or Face Heavy Fines And Closure

Hotel establishments in Dubai have been warned of heavy penalties and fines in case of violation of COVID-19 regulations. 

The warning comes amidst rising COVID-19 cases in the country with 1,007 new coronavirus cases having been reported on Saturday–the highest recorded since the pandemic broke out. 

Dubai Municipality continues to inspect hotels across the city in order to ensure compliance with COVID-19 precautionary measures. 

A tweet released by Dubai Media Office said, “Dubai Municipality continues to carry out intensive inspection campaigns on hotel establishments to ensure compliance with COVID-19 precautionary measures. Non-compliant establishments will face a penalty and/or closure, as per the enforced regulations.”

According to the guidelines released in June this year for hotels across Dubai, all employees need to be tested for COVID-19 before reopening, and then retested every 15 days. 

An infrared thermometer and thermal camera are expected to be provided at hotels with temperatures of employees scanned several times during the day. 

The guidelines state that guests or employees showing symptoms of the virus should not be allowed to enter the hotel facilities. 


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