Weather: High Humidity And Partly Cloudy Skies Expected In The UAE Tonight

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts an increase in relative humidity tonight that will continue until Thursday morning across the UAE. 

UAE residents can expect partly cloudy skies on Wednesday afternoon especially in the eastern regions that include Fujairah. 

In addition to high humidity, there is also a probability of mist and fog formation over the coastal areas. 

Temperatures are expected to reach 38°C in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi by Wednesday afternoon. 

Winds are also expected to blow in most areas, with light-to-moderate Southeasterly to Northwesterly winds blowing at a speed of 18-28 km/h, reaching a maximum of 38 km/h at times. 

Drivers are cautioned to be careful on the road as dust and sand might hinder visibility for a major part of the day. 

Individuals with allergies are advised to take precautions as well while going outside today. 

Calmer conditions are expected in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea. 

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