Applying For A License Has Just Got Easier

Everyone is aware that residents need a special license to be able to legally to purchase, transport and consume alcohol in Dubai, and applying for a license involved a lot of of paperwork, including tenancy agreements, NOC's and letters from employers to name a few. However from now, the process for those applying for their first license, or renewing an expired one, has been simplified. Applications can be made at any African and Eastern or MMI store in Dubai by just presenting ar Emirates ID card.

All residents, over the age of 21 and non-Muslim, can now follow the new simple process to applying for the license at any of the 18 African and Eastern stores in Dubai or the 17 MMI stores, at a cost of Dhs 270.

Those with existing licenses must convert to the new license by 31 August, even if it is not due for renewal, and the remaining months will be carried on to the new card. 


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