New Website Launched In The UAE To Share Positivity Among All UAE Residents

Over the past few weeks, since everyone's day to day life has changed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed a wave of humanity and support for each other at levels previously not experienced, and people coming together to keep others motivated and positive.

To share positivity to a wider audience, a new website has been launched with the aim of sharing positive messages between UAE residents. is a platform that highlights people who are active and have a valuable message to share with other members of the community.

The platform navigates into different sections including Fit, Healthy, Creative, Curious, Tuned, Happy and Inspired, which offer something that everyone can engage wth. 

All content is created by UAE residents, and videos are uploaded daily. 

The website includes contributions from chefs, coaches, trainers and artists who offer activities that residents can do at home, whether new recipes, workouts or courses. There are also talks, concerts and songs and stand up comedy shows.

Founder of Stay Positiver Nicolas Trabucco said "Even during these challenging times, I would like to highlight that many residents are still active and positive, and that's inspiring!" 

Stay Positive also has social media pages on Facebook (, Instagram ( and You Tube to secure a much wider reach of the inspiring messages.






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